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  1. Rick Dangerous

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Weekend pickup!
  2. Rick Dangerous

    Nightmare in the Dark SP?

    Hey ya'll Doing some Halloween gaming on my MVS, and noticed on my 161-1 banana cart there is a "Nightmare in the Dark SP" version of the game. Anyone know what this adds to the game? Thanks!
  3. Rick Dangerous

    Anyone Building Nice Arcade Quality Joysticks for AES/MVS?

    Wound up getting a pair from Retro Stockpile. Really happy with them so far!
  4. Rick Dangerous

    Carry Bag for Neo Geo Pocket Color

    Hello Everyone! Looking for a carry bag for my pocket color. Can't seem to find one anywhere. Thanks in advance if you are up for selling me an extra! Cheers'
  5. Rick Dangerous

    Best carrying case for NGPC?

    So i got a NGPC recently; and though i know carrying cases were made for it (Sold out on the NEO store) they seem to be incredibly hard to come by. Does anyone know where to find one? And if not; what works best size wise to use in place of one. I was thinking maybe an original Gameboy...
  6. Rick Dangerous

    Anyone Building Nice Arcade Quality Joysticks for AES/MVS?

    There was a shop on Etsy that was selling these until recently but they were made from MDF and a friend said i should look for something more solid. Anyone know of any builders/sellers of joysticks for AES/MVS made with arcade quality components? I have one "pro" controller currently and...
  7. Rick Dangerous

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Finally got Magician Lord for the MVS! Excited to play a bunch this fall around Halloween time.
  8. Rick Dangerous

    WTB: Magician Lord

    Just a loose MVS cart; label condition not huge to me. Would like to play it this Halloween season and just generally have in the collection. And understand this one is not something most people want to sell so no big if not available ATM. Thanks!
  9. Rick Dangerous

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I got a few of those "Clicky" Neo Geo Pads from themagictrashman; they rock!
  10. Rick Dangerous

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Okay okay...i'll wait next time! LOL. Here are the recent grabs, from a NG Forum member no less.
  11. Rick Dangerous

    Why are serial numbers scratched off MVS Carts?

    Why are serial numbers scratched off MVS Carts? Like what is the purpose of doing this? Even if you are expunging the stock from your inventory, what is the harm in having a serial number on there?
  12. Rick Dangerous

    Anyone making/selling empty cart shells?

    Some of my carts are pretty nasty; looking to put them in new shells with nice labels in English. The Neo-Store is sold out of the clear carts. Anyone know of ANYONE else making/selling MVS cart shell replacements? Also; is there a good video on how to disassemble an MVS cart without breaking...
  13. Rick Dangerous

    Neo Driftout Cryptic Description

    Keeping an eye on this and want to add it to my library: The only thing that worries me is the description: "board is not an original sink board" I take it he means SNK? The boards look original to me, i...
  14. Rick Dangerous

    If only these carts could talk...

    Ever wonder what the story is of a well worn MVS cart you receive? Some of these carts must have had some pretty interesting lives, spending a decade or more in some dingy arcade in a far flung corner of the world. Anyone ever think about this; or get a cart with a cool story behind it from...
  15. Rick Dangerous

    How do you stay disciplined with infinite credits?

    So i have a question; how do you get the most enjoyment out of a game when you have access to infinite credits and could theoretically beat it no matter what? I have a friend that tracks his high scores by starting each game with one credit, on standard difficulty (typically 4.) I have tried...
  16. Rick Dangerous

    How do you get GOOD at fighting games?

    I've never been a big fighting game person. Sure i played the MK series back in the day, Primal Rage, Street Fighter, Killer Instincts and all that; but never delved deep into the genre. I bought an MVS for the run n' gunners, beat em' ups, racing games and puzzle games to be honest. That...
  17. Rick Dangerous

    Favorite Post AES/MVS/CD SNK Releases?

    Now that i've got my MVS and CD units up and running i'd like to explore some SNK titles on newer systems as well. I'm planning on picking up the SNK 40th anniversary collection soon for Switch. What are your all time favorite SNK games on other systems, from old to new.
  18. Rick Dangerous

    How do you adjust difficulty level for MVS titles?

    So i have a UniBios 4.0, which i explored pretty thoroughly. I notice when i boot up a game, Top Hunter for example, it seems to be set by default to "Level 4" difficulty. I have my machine set to USA region and Arcade. Now do I need to set it to "AES" to be able to control difficulty, or in...
  19. Rick Dangerous

    Neo Turf Masters No Insertion Marks

    Looks "too new" to be true. Want this game bad; love it; but would like the real deal if i'm going to spend $80-$120. Thanks for your opinions...
  20. Rick Dangerous

    Has anyone manufactured Neo Geo controllers recently?

    First off---I DID use the search feature; and didn't see anything related; so don't flog me too hard. I am new to the Neo Geo scene so forgive me asking; have there been any new Neo Geo controllers made in a while? Looks like both the pads and sticks are pretty pricey used these days...