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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Most expensive MVS cart I've ever paid (yes more than I paid for its AES counterpart in 1999) but I'm glad it's off my wanted list. I just returned from Chile for holiday and many Venezuelans work there. Many rely on remittance from families and relatives overseas. I see Money Grams and...
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    Pioneer LaserActive...anyone own one of these monsters?

    Given the crazy scarcity and limited run, I pulled the trigger. It's well worth it and I won't regret. Choice was simple, this offer could be my only chance of getting it, let alone being sealed/new and under $1000, the only time this game had been offered reportedly was on YHJ, I didn't see it...
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    WTB: Pulstar MVS $300

    Given that it's offered on eBay for $300 I thought my offer would be reasonable. All I need is for MVS Pulstar, the game needs to be 1. Original boards 2. No rust on the boards. I...
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    Neo Geo AES Cover

    No one has mentioned here so I'll start. I've just purchased an AES dust cover from Joan in Spain. I highly recommend this thing, it's light, elastic, and feels very comfortable. Joan still has more for sale.
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    Japan trip, what should I look out for?

    I was at Super Potato in Osaka couple days ago, this is what it looked like. I didn't go there to hunt games, but if you're looking for anything AES decent outside FF,KOF,AoF, and SS you'll probably be disappointed.
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    MVS cart boards back side coating

    Recently got NITD MVS cart, dirty as hell and took the boards out to clean the cart shell and used alcohol wipe to clean the boards' contacts. I thought the side of the MVS board was kind of sticky so I applied alcohol wipe to the 2 corners; little did I know, I just removed the protective...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

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    Neobitz Presents "Knight's Chance" - AES Pre-Orders Now Open

    Just came in the mail, needless to say, the final artwork is better than the original layout, other than the missing NG logo which Jeff can't do anything about. FYI, the game is still in stock, please support Jeff (all of his projects) that will help bring more games later, much like NGDEV...
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    New NEOGEO game: "NEO XYX" NG: DEV.TEAM 2013

    5274, once you received "processed", it will be updated with "shipped" the following business day. After "shipped" status, it takes about 1 week to 10 days to arrive at your door. p.s. OK, I have decided to post mine, it's only LE and I have stored inserts of all NGDEV (soon Neobitz) AES games...
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    AES carts, how sturdy are they?

    Move my carts with trolley and they dropped on the floor, didn't have the chance to test the games but from outside they look fine. FYI, the tray that holds my games have one thick bubble wrap. My question is do they break easily by just dropping on the concret floor? (all with cases and...
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    Sega NAOMI game list

    Is there any reliable/accurate list of all officially released games on the net? I know missed a few, Wikipedia's list has a few games that don't exist. I'm curious to find the complete list of all regions combined without duplicate. I'm still puzzled at why people seem to have...
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    How to keep your PS3 dust free inside?

    I'm noticing my PS3 getting a lot of dust, I'm actually more concerned about dust getting inside than outside. One thing I wouldn't do is using a can of compressed air and it actually blows the dust right into the system from the vents. Has anyone try vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out of the...
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    item gone mod please delete

    Mod please delete this now as item no longer for sale
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    FS: 3 BK Xbox/360 games for $20 + actual shipping to non-US members, exp Dec 22nd

    My local BK (new, very light traffic) is trying very hard to sell all 3 games to customers , even during meal times, it's hardly busy, so I'd lilke to offer those games to other members overseas, it'll also help them unload the whole box of games. Here's the deal, I'm offering $20 for all 3...
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    Non mainstream pc builders

    I've recently done research on companies that build custom pcs (both laptops and desktops), I know, many can build desktops on their own, but not all of us have the time and energy to test different RAM, mofo, CPUs, and video cards. I came across some companies that I thought build some really...
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    Wanted: found mod please delete

    I've finally managed to go over my entire AES collection, to my shock, the only game that has poor manual (you're talking half circle finger marks), AOF2, at this point i'ts impossible to get one alone, so here's an offer. I'm looking for a mint/near mint manual (best if like new) from someone...
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    AES power supply question

    I have an extra English AES, serial #019XXX, that I recently decided to boot up, for some reason, none of the power supplies, including those sold at neostore work, except it's 10V or 11V output, I used the Japanese power supplies, 10V and 11V, respectively, both work, 9V generic power supply...
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    FS: English AES carts

    I've located a few English AES carts from Taiwan and they are for sale, all of them have original inserts (all Neo-Geo logo), original English manuals with them, and yes, all complete. Not quite sure how much they're actually worth, I'll shoot for aprox value based on condition, again, how much...
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    US PSP for gamers abroad

    OK, I've just checked my local stores and couple stores haven't even sold a single unit so I thought I might be able to help them unload a few. Option 1- I can offer this to European residents (NCS is charging $285) for $250, each game will cost $40 except NFSU ($50) Dynasty Warrior ($50)...