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    WTB. Modded Xbox

    PM me if anyone is selling one.
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    FS: HP Pavilion 523n Computer, 80gb,2200+

    HP PC Desktop AMD 2200+ 512 DDR Ram 32mb Intergrated Graphics DDR 40x10x40 CD-RW 16x DVD Drive 80gb Harddrive Shoot me up an offer! -Peace
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    Zoom 505 II Multi Effects Guitar Pedal

    I got a Zoom 505 II Multi Effects Guitar Pedal in Great Condition, You can get any sound ( SRV, Dime, Metallica, Slayer) from this little thing, I just dont have much use for it anymore since I got a ENGL head now. If your interested give me a pm 35$ shipped They sell for 65$ new. Thanks-
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    PocketNES for GBA

    Im planing on getting a GB micro, If anyone out there can make a GBA cart with PocketNES on it and all the nes games (well at least the good ones) ill be more than gald to buy it off of you. Email or PM me thanks. :chimp:
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    Korg AX10G multi-effect processor New, no box 75 Shipped Sales for 150$
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    782MB on a 700MB cd

    I have a Pantera show that I would like to put on a CD, but the problem is that the show is 782mb. Im thinking about slicing the show into 2 parts, are there any fast and easy programs that do that.
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    Printer is fucked help me

    I wanna print out some tabs, and my printer says i have no ink, I put a ink cart in and the thing starts printing(you can see the ink going to to right) but no ink will come out. I go back to setting and it says no ink cart is found. This is fuckin annoying Any help
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    Im sorry guys Dimebag&vinnie are dead

    RIP Like him or hate him Dimebag was a great guitarist. Im crying right now :crying:
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    For Sale. PS2 controller and PSX to PC converter

    PSX to PC converter..... -Use Any playstation contoller on a PC. Driver disk included. PSX2 controller.... 1st party PM me for offers
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    WTB a fuckin BeanBag Chair

    Yea mine somehow blew up when i was smoking a bowl and I need a new one, PM me PS. Me loves this place
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    Brica cameras?

    Ive been seeing these cameras for a while on ebay Anyone ever try one of these Thanks :tickled:
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    Lost at the ending of the matrix

    I just saw the last part of matrix revolutions, I am so fucking lost at what happened at the ending, can anyone make it more clear for me.
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    Next Xbox price drop.

    I wanna buy an Xbox but my cheap ass doesnt wanna pay 150$ so can any of you guys fill me in on whena price drop might happen.
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    Persuade me to get which Guitar body

    Well I cant deside, Which looks better? They are the same guitar keep that in mind
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    Im now a Clash fan...

    Took me 4 years, and finally my mind got along with the tunes. Godammit 4 years man...has this happened to any if you guys; You hate a band then after a long ass time you start liking them.
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    WTB a Hard drive

    IDE hard drive, can be OEM or New....Any size. thats pretty much it PM me Thanks :)
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    I want this now! (Guitars/SamAsh) Ahhh....I want that, But I only have...
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    WTB: Video Card

    I need a AGP Video card. Anything that scores above 8000 in 3dmark2001 I will buy, Which means a Ti200 or Ati 8500 and above will do fine. Thanks- Kc :buttrock:
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    WTB PSX controllers

    Two Gray PSX1 contollers That is all pm me :mr_t:
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    For Sale ATi 9700np

    Looks brand new, Overall I see nothing wrong. One issue I have no way of testing this card, My Ram isnt working and I dont have a Agp slot. Doom 3 will have to wait for me. So overall no idea if it works, Sold as-is Im up for offers. or 30 shipped in cali or 30+shipping outside of cali...