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    I think i screwed up-IGS PGM DDP DOJ

    I just recently acquired a PGM board and Dodonpachi DOJ. The cart was pretty scummy on the outside, so I decided to clean it up. When I took it apart I thought 'll just replace these caps in here, no big deal'. Well, it must be a big deal because it is not working now. It worked flawlessly...
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    K7000 chasis mystery part

    I had the flyback on my 4 slot cab go out on me so I decided to replace it and redo the caps. While is was flipping the board over and back removing caps this part fell out of somewhere. I did not see where it came from and it appears to be broken. Can anyone tell...
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    loopyeddie had the loosest meat

    Sitting at the B&G Tasty Foods in Omaha. Owned by an inactive member here, loopyeddie. This place has some awesome loose meat sandwiches, and if anybody comes thru the area i highly recommend it. Anybody else sampled eddie's meat?
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    FS: MVS carts BAMA and Protos

    Lets start with some MVS Bust a Move Again - 100$ Ghostlop - 75$ Diggerman - 70$ Prices include shipping to the mainland US The Protos came from Bustedstr8. All are...
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    need a little encoder guidance

    I have been in the process of trying to build a supergun lately and I have had a small( maybe dumb) thought that has been stuck in the back of my head for a while now. Should I use the Neobitz v2.4 I have or not? I have had it for a couple of years and was going to use it for a cmvs. Then I got...
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    Odd issues, not sure if its mobo or carts....

    I got a few new carts in the mail and I'm having some issues. The carts in question are: Bang Bead King of Monsters KoF 2002 Boards MV-4 MV-2F MV-1B MV-1C All stock BIOS, and the 2F has the RGBs lines run through variable resistors with pull downs. No other mods. The Bang Bead seems to run...
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    a question on backups

    So I have been making backups of my SegaCD games. I have seen issues with burning, and have seen that people use something like four programs, changing file types, and whatnot. Just for shits and giggles, I tried making a quick copy of some of the games at work. They all seen to work flawlessly...
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    metal slug missing chime

    I bought a four slot cab recently, and I'm slowly starting to see some issues. Today I noticed that when I play metal slug x the chime when you pick up items is not there. That is the only thing missing in the audio that I can tell so far. I plugged a different board into the cab, and used the...
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    Arcade Disaster

    My set-up and mvs selection at the moment. Let's call these the before pics. I plan on building a room, but I have to wait till after October to start. I'll start updating when construction starts if anyone is interested in watching things come together
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    any members in the omaha area?

    Would there be any interest in a Nebraska meet?
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    Chicago trip, what should I look out for?

    Going the last weekend in April, coming from a shit town for game shopping. Are there any good places for mvs(will anyone give up their honey hole)? Can't think of anything else I'd be looking for, maybe a super CD-rom 2. Any other stuff I should go see also? I will have two kids with me, 7 and...
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    so I got an aes today

    But, I don't have any games. I turned it on and got the blue screen, so that's good. Is there anything else I can do to test this any further? Also will I catch a rash of shit if I post in the want to buy forum? All I'm looking for is a nice, US, Baseball Stars Professional.
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    white shells

    I'll try later, at work now. I'm curious tho, is there something unusual about that cart? The search function told me the white shell was cool on LB2. I couldn't find the answer to the first question, guess I didn't dig deep enough.
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    somewhere to go for game revisions

    I have been seeing lately that there seem to be multiple versions of some neo games. Is there a thread or site dedicated to listing the different revisions, what's different in each, and what board set or chips have each revision?
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    white shells

    I am under the impression that most white shells are rental shells, my question is, does every game have a white shell variant? Also I have a last blade 2 English with a white shell(i think it's white, it may be grey). I have heard that it is not a rental. Is there a difference between the...
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    Sega CD advice

    So I have been unloading my retro games, and I'm going to everdrives, for all the systems I can. Mostly so I can focus on my setup and mvs games. I have an brand new unfinished basement, and can't wait to get started on my game room/ manchild cave. Unloading old carts is like free gold, but I...
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    a dumbass question

    how do I make a paypal payment to someone without a email or phone number? the thread search is not cooperating with me, and i'm not coming up with anything else. I'm positive it's an operator error.
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    good/favorite cheap game

    I have been playing a lot of baseball stars professional with my son lately. I really, really like this game. Not just because it's a way for my son and I to have fun together, I'm genuinely having allot of fun with it myself. What does everyone around here think are good 'cheap' games?
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    Bust a Move Again side bars

    I bought a Bust a move again loose cart on ebay, All the roms and the label match MVS Sans. Two of the roms look newer than the others, but they do have the proper markings on them. when I fire it up there are grey side bars on the picture that occasionally change colors. Is this a boot? the...
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    how do I adjust output voltage?

    Hey guys. I have a mv-1 and bvm. I have pots on the rgbs lines and have been told that the output voltage should be .7 volts. I set the voltage by putting a meter on the end of the cable on each line, with the neo sitting on the screen color adjustment screen in the hardware test menu. Is this...