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  1. Flagshiphero

    WTB: JPN AES: AOF1+2, Garou Densetsu 1, Fighters History Dynamite

    Really looking for mint versions including original manual baggie. AOF1+2, Garou Densetsu 1, Fighters History Dynamite.
  2. Flagshiphero

    FS: Neo Geo posters

    All posters are original releases, NO reproductions. Pocket Fighter: mint - B1 size: 100x70cm. 55 euros Garou Densetsu 3: mint - B2 size: 50x70 cm. 65 euros Samurai Spirits 2: mint - B2 size: 50x70 cm. 65 euros Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact: mint - B1 size: 100x70 cm. 95 euros Samurai...
  3. Flagshiphero

    how does one simply acquire PULSTAR AES?

    So I just sold a lot of stuff to fund this...where to get one? no sunfade pls
  4. Flagshiphero

    Sony PVM 2950: sync issues

    I got a BNC breakout cable (incl. sync cleaner circuit) for use with my PVM 2950QM, but when using my RGB cable for AES and other systems I get a rolling distorted screen as below. - PVM was tested using a VCR and shows no sync issues; - pin 8 on RGB cable is wired, so sync cleaner circuit...
  5. Flagshiphero

    WTB: Grandia, Lunar 1+2 for PS1

    Mint and complete, Lunar 1+2 only looking for the disc set complete, without carton box and extras.
  6. Flagshiphero

    WTB: kodak blue filter for PVM calibration

    Anyone have one?
  7. Flagshiphero

    WTB: SNES player's guides

    I'm looking for the following player's guides for SNES, in mint condition. - mario all-stars - mario mania - zelda - secret of mana - donkey kong country 1,2,3 - secret of evermore - yoshi's island - breath of fire 1,2 - super NES guide, gameboy, top secret guide - super metroid thanks ;)
  8. Flagshiphero

    Neo Geo posters art

    Original japanese arcade posters. Garou Densetsu 3 - 50x70cm (B2) - $60 KOF95 - 50x70cm (B2) - SOLD
  9. Flagshiphero

    WTB: Pulstar and Blazing Star AES

    anybody selling or can source originals?
  10. Flagshiphero

    WTB: Magic Knight Rayearth (US Saturn) disc only

    Looking for affordable option.
  11. Flagshiphero

    WTB: Street Fighter II / CE / Turbo arcade posters ($100+)

    I'm looking for original B1 arcade posters for Street fighter II / CE / Turbo. Must be mint without pinholes, offering $100+ depending on condition.
  12. Flagshiphero

    FS: SNK Neo Geo art / posters

    Original mint arcade posters (no fake prints!) 50cm x 70cm, 20" x 28", japanese. KOF95: €49 KOF96: €49 KOF97: €49
  13. Flagshiphero

    WTB: Castlevania Chronicles PS1 US

    Mint and complete.
  14. Flagshiphero

    WTB: AES JPN Ninja Master's

    Must be mint without sunfaded spine etc.
  15. Flagshiphero

    WTB: SF Alpha arcade flyer

    This one, must be mint/new. not folded or bend.
  16. Flagshiphero

    WTB: Last Blade 1 arcade poster - offering $100

    Looking for this badboy. B1 size, same as aes cover as seen below.
  17. Flagshiphero

    PVM 2130QM: which speakers to use?

    I don't have the original speakers, what does everyone here use for their PVM?
  18. Flagshiphero

    How to clean up and speed up my pc the expert way?

    So I have Ccleaner, but that doesn't help much...
  19. Flagshiphero

    WTB: JPN AES - Ninja Master's, SVC, SSVS

    Mint without any sunfade :cool: