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  1. ferrarimanf355

    Game of the Year 2012

    x5hwH70qEaQ Not kidding here, this is game of the year material. :lol: You can have your epic stories and legendary multiplayer. I'll have the cat with the flatulence problem, thanks.
  2. ferrarimanf355

    Sweet, Sega finally listened!

    A leaked Australian classification rating seems to suggest that my all-time favorite video game is getting an XBLA port. Please don't fuck this up, Sega.
  3. ferrarimanf355

    I was at the Barrett-Jackson auction a few days ago...

    ... and I come bearing pics.
  4. ferrarimanf355

    It's my birthday!

    I gotta work today on my birthday. FML. :( At least I have nice people working with me. :D So, I'm 26 years old now. :cool::-J How's everything going today? :snack:
  5. ferrarimanf355

    This Man Swallowed An Entire Bag Of Cocaine

    Best. Mugshot. Ever.:lolz:
  6. ferrarimanf355

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    Holy shit.;thumb;5 Holy shit. The hot pursuit is back. :buttrock:
  7. ferrarimanf355

    Hey guys, it's my birthday tomorrow.

    I should post here more often, like in the old days. Maybe that'll be my gift to everyone here. :D Anyways, I turn 25, should I be worried that it's all going to be downhill from here?
  8. ferrarimanf355

    Dino-Darwin... Totally fucking awesome. :lol:
  9. ferrarimanf355

    Operation 40 oz. To Freedom, Commence! So awesome...
  10. ferrarimanf355

    So... when is a sequel to a game a bad idea?

    Before I go any further, I'd like to direct you all to this blog post from James Mielke, where he confirms his new job at Q Entertainment, and moving to Japan. Now, one of the comments implies that he's working on a sequel or...
  11. ferrarimanf355

    Hey guys, it's my birthday today!

    Also, happy birthday to... :cool:
  12. ferrarimanf355

    ITT we talk about old-school Need for Speed music.

    This guy uploaded most of the good songs off of NFSII, Hot Pursuit, High Stakes and Porsche Unleashed. Some of my favorites...
  13. ferrarimanf355

    Hydro Thunder Finally Gets A Sequel! The guys behind Hydro Thunder reunited and collaborated with Raw Thrills on H2Overdrive, which looks pretty good. And yes, it'll have the boat throttle. :buttrock:
  14. ferrarimanf355

    Help me guys...

    ... I think I'm becoming addicted to Golden Tee Golf. This bar near my new pad has both Golden Tee 2009 and Silver Strike Bowling 2009, and my god, I can't stop playing them... :eek_2:
  15. ferrarimanf355

    Midnight Club Los Angeles is fucking awesome...

    ... and anyone who buys NFS Undercover over this gem is clinically... no, terminally braindead. That is all. :D
  16. ferrarimanf355

    KOF XII and SamSho: Edge of Destiny Home Ports...
  17. ferrarimanf355

    Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Sticks Apparently, the deluxe version has Sanwa parts, and it was designed with some assistance from hardcore fighter fans. Do Want? Discuss. :vik:
  18. ferrarimanf355

    Greatest Thing EVER

    Found this over at GAF, and was worth sharing...
  19. ferrarimanf355

    SNK Classics V.1 for the Wii is out this week...

    IGN says that the Wii version has negligible slowdown and loading, so this is the definitive version fo sho.
  20. ferrarimanf355

    An arcade machine for a gameroom... ideas?

    So, my parents bought a house in Jupiter (the city in Florida, not the planet), and I brought up the topic of a gameroom. Mom and dad are buying a billiards table, and I thought that we should get an arcade cabinet. I thought about some of those multigame cabs, like this one. Any ideas on what...