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  1. julencin2000

    [WTT] Euro SNES Mini for a US SNES Mini [DEAL MADE]

    Hi there, I've got a brand new Euro SNES Mini, I'd like to have a brand new/mint US SNES Mini. The box has a pair of thin scratches on the front, only noticeable when seen up close. Not for sale, just trade. Cheers. Edit: reserved ATM, checking shipping cost. 2nd edit: Deal made. 3rd edit...
  2. julencin2000

    Not on sale anymore - Nintendo Switch lot

    Hi there, I'm (was) very happy with my Switch, but maybe the hype killed it to me, maybe my little girl deserves more attention and I feel guilty even having a run in MK8 meanwhile she wants to build LEGO with me. I don't know guys, I was waiting for this console since the Wii and I went all in...
  3. julencin2000

    Introducing eBay Authenticate For sellers: When listing an item in the target inventory set耀uch as high-end handbags耀ellers will have an opportunity to opt-in to the authentication service for a fee. In return, there will be messaging on their listing that highlights that the...
  4. julencin2000

    Famicom cart storage

    Not really:
  5. julencin2000

    Famicom cart storage

    I have this cassette holder from Muji: I bought just one, I needed more, but then they discontinued the product, so then I bought these boxes from IKEA:
  6. julencin2000

    Is NES collecting even a realistic option these days?

    Well this is the only sealed VGA that I'd buy
  7. julencin2000

    Sega Saturn HSS 0130 to USB

    Here's the thing, I have a HSS 0130, I would like to use it with my PS3 or my Mac, and I want/need to keep it stock (mainly because I am not tech savvy). Aaand I don't want to spend atm another 150 buck in a HRAP or similar. Aaaand I don't have the space to keep two big joysticks either. So I...
  8. julencin2000

    Record collecting

    Heads up: And limited... notepad:
  9. julencin2000

    What exactly is the use of a spine card? (And where does it go normally)

    For Saturn completenessers collectors there's Satakore database, where you find all those spines and papers and stuff:,,GS-9079,,Virtua-Fighter-2-JPN.html Some people say that the presence of a spine is a signal of "oh this game has been taken care...
  10. julencin2000

    Howdy all!

    Is this kind of long story?
  11. julencin2000

    To sell everything but the everdrive

    So. Why to keep loose carts or CIB games IF you play the games in the multicart? Just for the shelf eye candy? To not be an outlaw by not having the originals? Maybe just keep the not-100%-supported games? Has anybody done it? You regret it or you're awesome just with the multi?
  12. julencin2000

    WTS/WTT ST-V Motherboard w/antistatic box

    Hi guys I'm selling my multicart, not using it anymore since I parted ways with my supergun. Includes switches and cables from Mitsu's, you know what they are for. 220$ (198$) shipping included, euro accepted too. SOLD My ST-V board with antistatic box for about 75$, I haven't calculated...
  13. julencin2000

    Do I like gaming

    I love shooters, plattformers and beat'em ups, but I'm a terrible player and have a very short attention span. I put a game, play it and then I get killed, I try it again but oh shit fuck it, unplug the system and see you next month. I'm not able to sit tight and try and try and try again...
  14. julencin2000

    WTB: Blazing Star

    Would you accept a trade? This is an original Ceci (she's my mother-in-law), oil on canvas, 40cm x 60cm. Would be a plus cash trade, you adding cash of course.
  15. julencin2000

    WTB Garou: Mark of the Wolves AES Japanese

    If you know this site, then you know this site. Then pls don't get annoyed so easily. Post moar. I know a spanish seller letting go this game for 630€, your proxy I canz be. For a price.
  16. julencin2000

    eBay: Mushihimesama Futari Black Label kit 850$ (Yaton) 850$ + 40$ shipping Stock in China.
  17. julencin2000

    FS: MVS Sengoku 3 kit, Last Resort Kit, Metal Slug 2 kit, loose Puzzle Bobble...

    Shit happens, my MVS collection is being decommissioned. Willing to ship first to good contributing members. No flippers. If you're here for the market, you pay a leeching tax of +10%. Prices in Euro, no shipping included. King of Fighters 98 MVS by julencin2000, on Flickr Metal Slug X...
  18. julencin2000

    my new arcade machine

    I played a lot with Video Lider units like these: I meant I have never ever seen a SNK MVS cab.
  19. julencin2000

    International Shipping delays USPS

    I bought some books from on friday, they've just arrived. 3 days. Through DHL. And the tracking page is very detailed: