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    my fav shooters games

    frist on my list nemesis buy konami have my self 1985 next is starforce 1984 i ahve buy the wat it not on mane i own the arcades games next is xevuis 1`982 namco r tpye nintendo 1987 side arms capcom 1986 cobracomand laser disc 1984 astron belt sega 1983 mach 3 mystar 1983 1942 capcom 1984 next...
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    global vr working with ultarcade

    i got back last month from cax i saw 2 small ultarcades over there ihad neo geo games on them metal slug 1-2 falal fury 3 fighter history dinmate waka waka 7 wind jammers and lots more i love to get one looks realy good :buttrock: :chimp:
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    let see a new snk arcade game

    like a nw iraki warriors game yes :p :D