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    SEGA swing candy cabInet $300

    NOT MY LISTING Somebody should get this SEGA swing candy for $300 And a NEO GEO mini
  2. arcade game

    neo candy29,IC

    I will be in the san Jose/san fransisco area tomorrow So anybody interested in a 'NEO CANDY29' candy cab? Machine is really clean inside out,paint is really smooth And clean no scratches ,has original power supply and fully working with original monitor 'NO 'screen burn at all and the colors are...
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    OPERATION:candy cab Rescue

    I found a MVS-U4 candy cab in a local swapmeet But the first time I was there nobody could give me any info about who was the owner of cab's So I left thinking, I'll be back in a few weeks Second time I was there the operator was there Taking out tha quarters from coin box And when I ask him...
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    SOCAL shmupmeet/fighting games

    SOCAL shmupmeet/fighting games I really want it to do this since a long time So finally here So if there's enough interest,lets do this WHEN:saturday,october 26th from 1100:am -9:00pm Where:my house in los angeles,ca (please PM me to RSVP) And i will send you my adress/info as we get closer to...
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    Vewlix L / DELTA 32

    Want to buy a TAITO vewlix L Or a DELTA 32 candy cab's Please let me know if you have one for sale Or possible where to buy one Send me your offer depending condition:buttrock::buttrock: Tx
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    Egret 29 candy cab small update

    Small update on my egret 29 candy cab Here's some pictures on the control panel it had before It was some sort of crome cheap repro It had some white nasty silicone under the panel Holding it agains lower bracket panel Also it had 3 different blue shade colors So i had to sand it down and...
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    WTB: egret 29 top marquee

    Want to buy A egret 29 top marquee Here's a picture.NOT mine But this is what i'm looking for
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    sold:Aero city chassis for sale Paypal gift or add4% SOLD
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    Interest check:shmup pcb's

    Is anybody interested in any of these Pcb's Outzone Espgaluda Donpachi The punisher Esp
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    WTS:viper phase1

    SOLD:VIPER phase1 for sale Mobo+cart $140 shipped Paypal gift or add 4%. Any cuestions let me know.tx
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    jaleco pony mark III

    WTB: FOUND a jaleco pony mark III OR II Plese let me know if anybody has one for sale It's for a friend of on hand NOTE: found
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    Found Konami windy candy cab for$200

    Can somebody please hook me up with pictures of A konami windy candy cab Like Power suply Monitor tube # picture Harness I/O board ect ect ect You get the idea.reason is cause i found and got A konami windy candy cab for $200 it's really clean but the owner put a playchoice 10 in it Why?? I...
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    NEO CANDY 25 ,gets another chance of life

    About a year ago or more I got this neo candy 25 for $45 it was complete Minus monitor.the only reason i got it it was because everything inside was still original plus No cables were cut at all. Not even a single cable From the harness or control panel wires.even came with all the keys.only...
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    SPINNERS x2 For trade only

    Looking to trade my spinners & original uncut harness .for something else pm me what you have for them?it has to be something nice I'll include a small want list later on NOT for sale at the moment Use but fully working.:-J
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    Naomi system 2

    Selling a naomi 2 . system everything in the picture is included NOTE:the naomi 2 mobo is not working? You need to apply pressure on the pcb to get a picture.sometimes no picture,so to me is sold as not working.not working All the other 5 things are 100% working Sega I/O board PSU sound amp...
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    WTB: a 2 player control panel for a Blast city.for a friend of mine

    want to buy a 2player blast city control panel for a friend.thanks
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    Battle bakraid t-shirts

    Any body interested in some battle bakraid t-shirts ?should be ready in no mre than 2 weeks But i need minimum 15 people in order to make it happen.they should look like this I will change a few i said it will happen but i will change a few things in the desing of the shirt
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    pcb's &. 2 t-shirts for sale

    paypal gift or add4% virtua fighter 4 naomi cart $50shipped cobra command by data east $75shipped sly spy by data east $60shipped i will send pictures by PM shirts are brand new MR. driller BLACK t-shirt size M $25 shipped ARIKA BLACK t-shirt size M $25 shipped NOTE:i only have these 2 shirts
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    for free:WTS:alien vs predator,Raiden fighter jet,sunset Riders,nanao chassis

    for sale ,paypal gift or add 4% sunset riders 4 players ,by konami$150 shipped note: for only this time ,1,free Batrider t-shirt with the are the size's- pick only one 5 XL-white with Batrider logo 6 L-white with Batrider logo 3 L-Black with Batrider logo 1 M-Black with Batrider...
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    sony pvm-2950Q Help

    ok i have a sony pvm-2950Q, so my cuestion is can i use a vega jr supergun that has this cables" Kiel-made 4-bnc"or do i need other cables? i just got it a few days ago from neo geo member "gabe" .but i haven't recieve it untill maybe tomorrow