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  1. aku

    Steam Deck Portable PC Games Hardware

  2. aku

    Mortal Kombat 11

    yeah, we are too old for this childish fatality bs and its not the favourite franchise etc. etc., but... damn, its pretty good actually. tested it on pc, might get it for pro or x...
  3. aku

    How to open an ANALOGUE CMVS?

    received the new unibios, omega cmvs is easy to open, but how about the ANALOGUE CMVS? are the screws under the rubber? how can it be opened? EDIT: yes, screws are under the rubber, its as easy as the omega. lets check unibios 4 ;)
  4. aku

    Es reicht langsam.

  5. aku

    SNK Publisher Sell @Steam

    just saw it... sell? wtf..SALE
  6. aku HUST keuch HUST

    ist ja gut mit dem zopf. aber ernsthaft: inzwischen ist die stirn so hoch, dass es einfach strange bzw. zu fokuhila aussehen würde. und er kann nun behaupten er hätte in deathrace/terminator genisys mitgespielt...
  7. aku HUST keuch HUST

  8. aku

    NeoSD covers...

    here is a quickly done simpler version - used the graphic from "my" older 161 in 1 version - MVS on Spine, small neosd logo on front update: pls dl via s-h the japanese tank version is here: update: pls dl via s-h - i am not satisfied with it, but when someone likes it, feel free to use it
  9. aku

    NeoSD covers...

    yep, problem is, there are no highres versions of aliens tank, logo etc. available. i am satisfied with the english cover, the japanese one is soso... THERE ARE A LOT OF HIGHERSKILLED ARTISTS HERE - DO STH YOU LAZY FUCKS!^^ ps:
  10. aku

    NeoSD covers...

    great thread - awesome work! jap version, done very quick, not perfect, might do the job...dl link below update: pls dl via s-h
  11. aku

    Dion Dakis Trying to Sell fake Metal Slug JAP - BEWARE!!!

    this was dion´s second option. maybe a little too "fucked up" even for ngf, so he decided to make an excuse... let this thread die in peace.
  12. aku

    Dion Dakis Trying to Sell fake Metal Slug JAP - BEWARE!!!

    hmmm...just a guess NEVER FORGET...
  13. aku

    Dion Dakis Trying to Sell fake Metal Slug JAP - BEWARE!!!

    another comment that got deleted... here is some comparison pic posted @ngfl
  14. aku

    Dion Dakis Trying to Sell fake Metal Slug JAP - BEWARE!!!

    nailed it. here are the "proofs"
  15. aku


    gottseidank ist accountsharing in diesem nicht moderierten, sehr gut versteckten teil des ng forums nicht nur nicht verboten, sondern auch explizit gewünscht. split war kein schlechter film, aber maßlos overhyped. theoretisch könnte james mc avoy in split 2 das deutsche forum spielen. so eine...
  16. aku

    1. lists games they dont have... 2. charge for games they dont have... 3. after a week they tell you that they dont have the game and that they will refund. lol. fuck them.
  17. aku

    WTB Big Tournament Golf OR Neo Turf Masters - NGCD...

    ...for the cheapest price possible... need to be mint... need to have the spine card...
  18. aku

    Euer erstes Neo-Cart

    von allen sticks, ganz klar das pad. ist aber kein stick.