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  1. melchia

    The Public Loves a Good Comeback, but it Loves Dogs More (Michael Vick).

    So after a long sordid tale of marijuana posession, dog fighting, and more marijuana consumption, Michael Vick gets almost two years in jail. His initial plea agreement would have given him a sentence of 12-18 months, but after he denied use of marijuana (and testing positive for it) while out...
  2. melchia

    This Has NOT Been My Year for Medical Health!

    Alrighty, so I've had a few injuries this year. I'm not going to list them all, but I've gotten to know my orthopaedist(s) very well. My most recent injury takes the cake, though. About a month and a half ago, I had another mountain biking accident (for those of you who remember, I fractured...
  3. melchia

    Chipping Away at the Right to Privacy in the US...

    Link Ya know...I'm pretty sick of hearing the excuse 'Well, we have to watch the big bad terrorists here in the US!!! They're sooooo EVIL.' Give me a damn break. These sorts of advances in domestic surveillance are prone to abuse, especially by local authorities. It's not that I trust federal...
  4. melchia

    China Threat to US $ Plays into Hillary Clinton's Campaign

    This seems a little too well timed for Hilary Clinton's presidential bid for the White House if you ask me. Even as the article notes, it certainly plays into her campaign...nevermind the fact that the Chinese connection exploded with the arrival of Bill Clinton's administration. link opinions?
  5. melchia

    sooo's an exciting life

    alright, so i'm out mountain biking with two friends of mine last wednesday afternoon/early evening. we've got some decent trails around the area, so i try to get out on them often. this time however, i probably should have considered staying home. normally, i don't have any problems, but i...
  6. melchia

    Shrek the Third, Bitches!!!!!! With all the sarcasm, even kernow must approve.

    Alright, I've been looking forward to this for a while. Manipulative orange cats, loud mouthed donkeys, fast talking pinocchios, and a sarcastic ogre - what's not to like?!! I'm only a little worried this movie wont live up to my expectations (especially since I loved the first two). Anyone...
  7. melchia

    New Grounds...New/Good Music not Promoted by Corporate Enterprise

    Alright, so I've been sick of listening to the radio for quite some time. Hell, who hasn't. I mean, if radio was the only option available, you might be tempted to think that all music genres are only slightly different than one another and the music within those genres sounded like a...
  8. melchia

    Woo hoo for Car Payments...

    I'm pretty economical/sensible when it comes to cars. I've had a Honda Accord for the last four years or so, and I loved it. Sure. It wasn't the hottest car on the market, or the fastest, or wasn't even the most efficient, but it was a damn good car. Oh, and it was paid for. I'm...
  9. melchia

    Happy Birthday jro!

    Fuck yeah, man. Happy birthday to one of the more sarcastic members! Celebrate like you don't have to work tomorrow.
  10. melchia

    Embryonic Stem Cell Research Advances

    Heh, of all of the reasons listed not to federally fund the research, only one of them was logical (the question about twinning). I swear this is ignorance at its best and a damn good reason religion and legislation SHOULD be separate!
  11. melchia

    Happy Birthday BryLmoo!

    Hope it's an awesome one. :D
  12. melchia

    The Next Chairman of the Federal Reserve

    While much of Washington focuses on the Alito appointment, another very important nomination is under way. Ben S. Bernanke is being pushed through for chairman of the Federal Reserve. Critics argue that with all of the attention on the Alito appointment, Bernanke is being given a 'free ride'...
  13. melchia

    Pseudoephedrine = Crystal Meth?

    Okay, pardon me if I'm a little behind the times, and this has been posted before... I've been sick these last couple of days, so I went to a pharamacy to get either tylenol cold and flu or sudafed...after finding nothing on the shelf (not even an empty place w/ a card indicating that these...
  14. melchia

    Plane Crash off Miami Coast - No Survivors Found

    I was just watching the new conference, and officials said no survivors were's a link to the story (though this was before the conference)
  15. melchia

    GDP reading shows economy humming at a solid clip with few signs that inflation's a m

    Saw this and thought it was interesting (especially with all of the economic gloom forecasting going on): GDP reading shows economy humming at a solid clip with few signs that inflation's a major problem. Original Article from
  16. melchia

    Call it the Pissed Off Bumble Bee

    Ya know...If I weren't drunk, I'd be extremely pissed I was right before I started drinking! I went and did some minor holiday shopping right before I went to dinner with my sister. However, while I was in the restaurant with my sis, someone broke one of the windows in my car out...
  17. melchia

    Stupid Parents

    About thirty minutes ago some four year old boy was kidnapped from a bus stop at a busy intersection in the Dallas area. A witness saw the little boy kicking, screaming, and crying as he was dragged into the car, through the window. The witness used his cell phone to report the incident to the...
  18. melchia

    Bush picks Harriet Miers for Supreme Court

    I'm pretty happy about this nomination! She has a great record and would make an excellent justice, even though she hasn't had judicial experience. Miers, who has never been a judge, was the first woman to serve as president of the Texas State Bar and the Dallas Bar Association. I'm actually a...
  19. melchia

    Japanese Fashion Craze - to Hit the US?

    Okay, I don't usually keep up with fashion, this is supposedly a 'fashion craze' in Japan. Of course, you can't actually see their panties. Those are printed on the skirts. Some think this craze will take the US and UK, as well. What do you think?
  20. melchia

    To Prove Abasuto is not the Only Caring Person Left

    Saw this story and thought of "Hotel Abasuto"