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  1. MeTaLCzAr

    Interest check: World Heroes Perfect U.S

    I'm about to pick this up in a spell', and was wondering the interest. Case: NM Insert: Mint Instructions: NM - Excellent Cart: NM - Excellent I'm thinking of keeping it due to its rarity, but I'm also eager to finish some of my collection with things I care more for. I'm looking for the...
  2. MeTaLCzAr

    Lochlan, where's my money or game I paid for nearly a month ago? *Game Delivered*

    I've emailed Lochlan three times to date, I've not bothered PMing as he's not revisited the forums since the evening of the day after I paid him. This is what's transpired. 1) I Initially made payment on August 16th, for an agreed upon amount of $325.00. 2) Lochlan then contacted me on the...
  3. MeTaLCzAr

    WTB: Fatal Fury 3, KOF 96, 98, 99, 00, 02, 03 for US AES.

    As it states cash in hand for the following US AES titles. Looking for the following, Intensity of interest is in order. -King of Fighters 2000 (Yes, NGF'd) -Fatal Fury 3 -King of Fighters 96' -King of Fighters 98' -King of Fighters 99' -King of Fighters 02' -King of Fighters 03'...
  4. MeTaLCzAr

    WTT / FS: JPN AES MS3 1st ed. WHP, QoF, FFS,SS, SS2, MVS US Kits + Mod Controllers.

    Cleaning out some back stock yet again, and some stuff I've tired of playing. JPN AES Games Metal Slug 3 (1st Edition) Snap Lock: NM+ Insert: NM - Excellent + Instructions: NM - Excellent + Slight Bend on Bottom right edge. Cart: Near Mint, Label excellent, cart in Excellent condition overall...
  5. MeTaLCzAr

    Modded Sega Saturn controllers one W/ Turbo & One Modded Gen 2 Six button controller.

    Getting custom sticks made in the near future so I have a few too many customs controllers, these are far and away the best controllers available for fighting games regardless of generation or console. Units are as follows, all Second generation Saturn sticks save one. Unit one: Black Saturn...
  6. MeTaLCzAr

    Was bored at the mall, decided to get a hat made.

    Like It says, Was bored and decided I needed a new hat, they had a custom embroidery set up at the mall down In grosse pointe, or maybe it was harper woods? Regardless. I did what I could with what they had, they couldn't link my berry up to import images on the drive, additionally she said I...
  7. MeTaLCzAr

    FS | FT: Near Mint 80gb PS3 In box

    Near Mint PS3 With good condition Box. This is the NON B/C unit & has been tested and is in perfect working order. Includes: -PS3 80GB Unit with Minimal wear -Dual Shock 3 Six-axis controller w/ USB wire -Power cord -A/V cables -PS3 disc sealed -original box in good condition $305.00 shipped...
  8. MeTaLCzAr

    Wanted: Gleaming the Cube on Laser Disc

    Anyone have one available, this will finish my LaserDisc collection.:buttrock: PM with pricing. Will trade Modern / Vintage items as well.
  9. MeTaLCzAr

    Interesting KOFXII interveiw

    The game has been simplified & reverted to a KOF 94 state. I remember KOF 94 with great fondness, but the complexity of later KOF's is what differentiated the KOF series from its competitors. I'll have to wait & play before passing final judgment.
  10. MeTaLCzAr

    Blackberry (CDMA) users, who's excited! God damn if I haven't been waiting two years for this day. :buttrock:
  11. MeTaLCzAr

    FT / FS SuperNova Supergun & K.I Ideally for CMVS

    I have the following for sale or trade, Trades I'd consider in addition to my "Wanted List", are as follows. -Turbo Duo CIB -Super Grafx CIB -One or Two Slot CMVS -R.E.I or equivalent modded AES Heres the suspects for sale. First off, Super Nova supergun, I purchased this about Six months ago...
  12. MeTaLCzAr

    Any Idea as to how to export Image from XBLA menus. Or have DC MOTW source files?

    I can't seem to figure a way to do so. I also don't possess the DC version of mark of the wolves as my back up plan. Ideally I want the image from the backdrop of MOTW's on XBLA, in the Garou menus via the XBLA database it has the image in my signature slightly altered and Higher res, I find...
  13. MeTaLCzAr

    unsung Gem?

    Anyone try this Battle Fantasia for Xbox 360? I just had one traded in, been playing it for about an hour. Very interesting, offbeat yet refined.
  14. MeTaLCzAr

    FS / FT: Metal Slug 5 U.S AES NM+,Boxed AES Kidney stick, Price cut!

    Metal Slug 5 U.S NM Snap Lock Case: Mint - Insert: Mint Instructions: Mint W/ Baggie Cart: NM - Has Insertion marks, shes been used. Asking price: $430.00 USD Shipped, Priority will be more. Neo Geo New style controller, complete in box w/ styrafoam. Asking Price: $35.00 obo shipped.
  15. MeTaLCzAr

    Hate to be "That guy", but list of those who owe me feedback.. :P

    I'll admit I'm just as at fault, but I had freetime today :eek_2: to look around. There's another 20 or so people who owe me feedback but I erased there messages, due to getting so many a day... every day. Heres the list (and yes I've left you feedback at this junction) - Andy251203 (Trade...
  16. MeTaLCzAr

    FS or Trade: 1 Month old Xbox 360 Elite C.I.B

    Friend ran into financial troubles, and I had to pay top shelf pricing on this fucking thing to bail him out. Comes complete in box w/ receipt for its purchase 36 days ago. Will include: Black Xbox 360 Black Xbox 360 120gb HDD Black Xbox 360 controller Black Xbox 360 rechargable battery Play...
  17. MeTaLCzAr

    For sale or Trade: Neo Genesis CMVS

    I need to focus on either MVS or AES, so I'm contimplating offing this CMVS which I received from board member & all around Number one Asian 300wins. This is just an interest check, the unit is still in good condition. Some scratching just like when I received it. It's a remarkable unit, but I...
  18. MeTaLCzAr

    Pre-Ebay Final chance: Metal Slug 5 U.S AES PRICE REDUCED (again..)

    I'm not a fan of any slug after 2, so I'm trying to off this fucker. This is what I theorize my earnings would be after fee's on ebay. Today only, if it doesn't sell I'm ebaying it. Want to pick up other titles I'm actually interested in. Metal Slug 5 U.S / ENG Insert: Mint+ Snap Lock...
  19. MeTaLCzAr

    Where to find: Terry Bogard MP3 Samples, ROCK YOU, ARE YOU OK! Etc..

    Like it says, I've been looking. I know they in fact exist I just cannot seem to place them. Looking to use the MP3's as text & email alerts :lolz: Help OK!
  20. MeTaLCzAr

    Like New Nintendo Wii $200.00 shipped in continental U.S

    Stupid Bitch on Ebay bought this, than didn't pay. Fed up with the entire mechanics of ebay at this junction. Before I list it again, I would prefer to offer it to competent buyers instead of dip shits. System is complete in box W/ Wii sports, Sensor bar, A/V (Will toss in component wires)...