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    Japanese neo-geo pocket games with wrist strap??

    Does anyone know what the wrist strap is in this jap game? I see a lot of jap games have a space for something in the plastic box insert. Anyone have more info about it?
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    looking for soulcalibur: unbreakable soul

    Hi, I am trying to preserve the game soulcalibur: unbreakable soul. It was an online required ios game that has been cancelled. I am looking for someone who still has this installed on there iphone from when it was active May 2014 to December 2014. The ipa can still be redownloaded if it is in...
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    wtb: game gear battletoads and mega man

    I am looking for game gear versions of mega man and battletoads. They must be usa versions, complete with game, manual, and box. I would like them to be in good condition. I will pay top dollar. If you have them in anything less than good condition, I might still be interested. Please pm me...
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    wtb: frog feast

    I am looking for a complete good conditon frog feast for the sega cd. I will pay $100 with shipping. Thanks