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  1. Mai_Lover

    What Neo title has the best attract mode?

    Last Resort. Seeing the shattered pieces rise to form the titles, along with the ominous music was next level to me. That was waaay back at Funcoland.
  2. Mai_Lover

    Mai_Lover's Collection (✿ ♥‿♥)

    All, here is my stash of SNK goodness as of 2021-04-13. There is a mix of AES home carts and MVS carts. All MVS shock box artwork was designed by me. ~Enjoy~ SNK Neo•Geo Silver Console (Modded) with 2nd SNK stick, two custom Sanwa sticks, and a couple game pads. Original AES cart...
  3. Mai_Lover

    When it comes to building your collection, whats more important: Quantity or Quality?

    I don't pay anything over 350 for a game, so most of my Neo shit is either games that I was fortunate to have collected years ago at decent prices, or mvs carts of interest. All the outrageous priced crap is on my 161-in-1. Fuck scalpers.
  4. Mai_Lover

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Just watched Chaos Walking. I liked the premise. Plus Daisy as a blonde is very nice.
  5. Mai_Lover

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    If I posted a bath pic, ppl would want to harpoon me.
  6. Mai_Lover

    What arcade stick do you own?

    I have two custom Neo Geo sticks with a full set of Sanwa parts, and a pair of X-Arcade single player sticks.
  7. Mai_Lover

    MVS shockbox custom inserts check 'em out

    Puzzle Bobble 2
  8. Mai_Lover

    Question re: Neotropolis modded AES power supply.

    Yeah, my Jap console came equipped with a Genesis PSU originally. I've since tracked down a Pro-Pow UL unit for the States.
  9. Mai_Lover

    MVS shockbox custom inserts check 'em out

    Zed Blade
  10. Mai_Lover

    MVS shockbox custom inserts check 'em out

    This one took me many man hours to complete. I read the back story of how there were supposedly like 3 or so USA copies ever made which turned out to be fake. Well, now's your chance to have an even better looking insert. Enjoy Aero Fighters 3.
  11. Mai_Lover

    I received today...

    Just arrived. All original PCBs, chips and label. Me so happy. Half the cost of others try to sell for. Now to make the insert....
  12. Mai_Lover

    New Analogue console: Mega SG

    This works just fine for me.
  13. Mai_Lover

    MVS Cart Spine Artwork

    Per request, a few more spines. Neo Turf Masters Big Tournament Golf Galaxy Fight :)
  14. Mai_Lover

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Me on the far left. This shot was taken for an Ace Hardware paint special. I was the in-house photographer at the time. Cool coworkers. Best job I had.
  15. Mai_Lover

    Arcade Stick Overlay Options (Respond)

    I've searched this site for answers and nothing of relevance appeared. If someone has experience with this, I would appreciate your input. I have two arcade sticks that I wish to customize with overlays. The surface texture is a little coarse (somewhat similar to the X-Arcade but a smoother...
  16. Mai_Lover

    MVS shockbox custom inserts check 'em out

    MOTW revised - old school version
  17. Mai_Lover

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    Are you always this late to a party? That joke's been used how many times now? Are you trying to gain respect by using others' comments?