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  1. demirichris

    Some help with Astro City power supplies

    Hey guys, A few months ago I went to fire up my Astro City and literally nothing happened. No click, no hum, just nothing - almost like the mains switch was turned off. I've gone over the inside of the PSU to look for anything that was obviously fried (including the fuses) and everything seems...
  2. demirichris

    AIRFRAME: Arcade Operating System and SKYCURSER Updates

    Hey guys, It's been quite awhile since we last checked in here with a progress update on SKYCURSER and our team's quest to breathe new life into the arcade scene. Well, a lot of exciting developments have taken shape over the last few months and it seemed like time to give a personalized...
  3. demirichris

    VIDEO ADDED! - I'm Making a JAMMA Compatible Arcade Shooter - Come Play It for Free!

    I thought you guys might get a kick out of the most recent photos we snapped of the prototype cabinet. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Cab Specs Monitor: 27" Nanao MS8 Joysticks and Buttons: Sanwa (JLF Joysticks) Cab make: Dynamo HS-25 We want to do themed cabs for each of the game's...
  4. demirichris

    VIDEO ADDED! - I'm Making a JAMMA Compatible Arcade Shooter - Come Play It for Free!

    So the loke test was incredible. Not to be overly dramatic, but it was one of the happiest nights of my life. Over three hundred people came to play and apparently it was one of the biggest nights the brewery had ever had. There was a point where there was a line of nearly a hundred people to...
  5. demirichris

    VIDEO ADDED! - I'm Making a JAMMA Compatible Arcade Shooter - Come Play It for Free!

    Here are some images (PRE-ALPHA) of gameplay for those of you who might be interested:
  6. demirichris

    VIDEO ADDED! - I'm Making a JAMMA Compatible Arcade Shooter - Come Play It for Free!

    As promised, here is the NEO GEO forum exclusive off-screen footage...enjoy! Please follow us on Facebook or Tumblr for the latest updates: WATCH IN HD!!! For the last year, I've been working with two other close friends on...
  7. demirichris

    WTB Nanao MS8-29 Chassis or Nice working 25"-27" Arcade CRT

    Hey guys, I'm in the market for either of the following items: Working Nanao MS8-29" chassis, will pay premium price and cover shipping Any great condition arcade CRT that is at least 24.8". Willing to pay premium for quality image. Must be compatible with standard resolution pcbs. I would be...
  8. demirichris

    Options for New 25-27" CRT Monitors?

    It's been years since I've posted but I've been bit by the arcade bug pretty hard again and I'm finding myself on the hunt for some quality monitors for some projects I have. Does anyone have any experience with any of vendors that are still selling 25 or 27" CGA compatible monitors? Are their...
  9. demirichris

    Sega Astro City Interest Check (Midwest)

    Dudes, I have an Astro City with a two player six button panel with like new sanwa parts. The monitor in the cab is in incredible condition with no burn in or geometry issues. The cab itself is also in really good shape. I am looking to sell the cab for 500. It's not often candies in this...
  10. demirichris

    Sega Astro City - Very nice condition

    Hey dudes. I am thinking of parting with my Astro City Cab and looking to see if anyone here is interested. The cab is in very very good condition and the monitor has absolutely no burn in. The cab is outfitted with like new samitsu sticks and buttons and a cps2-3 kick harness. I am asking...
  11. demirichris

    Insane sale at Wells and Gardner

    Hey guys, according to the guys over at klov, wells and gardner are having a ridiculous sale on 27 crts right now. They have ega 27'' sanwas for 99 bucks and 27'' VGA neotecs for 125. From what I can gather, these are brand new monitors limited to the stock they have so act quick. Just...
  12. demirichris

    Just did a review of the Rambo light gunner

    I just did a little piece on the Sega Rambo arcade on my new blog. It's linked on my signature if you wanna check it out.
  13. demirichris

    Gaming Blog, looking for some guest work

    Hey dudes, a friend and I just started a gaming blog: We are trying to do a funny and possitive look on games from the past and now. Check it out if you get the chance hit me up on PM if you think you might be interested in contributing. Word!
  14. demirichris

    So I have been playing the RE 5 demo

    It's not very good at least not yet : ( The graphics are incredible, as well as the sound. However they can't really make up for the fact that the game plays exactly like Resident Evil 4. When I first heard people saying that, I thought well RE4 was perfect so don't mess with it. However, a lot...
  15. demirichris

    BLAST CITY CAB! Amazing condition!

    Dudes, although it pains me to let it go. I think I am ready to liquidate another prized cab in my pursuit for a home recording studio. A Sega Blast City! The cab is in near mint condition. It has a six button control panel and is currently wired for Atomiswave. I can't even begin to tell...
  16. demirichris

    Atomiswave mobo and Fist of the North Star

    I am selling an Atomiswave mobo with Fist of the North Star. I am asking 400 shipped to the US. Interested serious buyers PM me for details or pics.
  17. demirichris

    Going rate for AW and Fist?

    Dudes, What's the current market price for a Fist of the North Star cart and working Atomiswave motherboard? I have one I may be getting rid of. Thanks
  18. demirichris

    (updated) Super Cheap Jamma/Dreamcast Sale

    Dudes, I am about to buy a new tv and want to pad my wallet a bit before so I don't go broke doing it. I have some jamma boards that I will basically sell for next to nothing. Name your price if you are interested on single boards. Multiple boards will get you a huge discount. These are the...
  19. demirichris

    US Thrid Strike CPS3 (pics added)

    I have a working CPS3 Third Strike with the metal cage and move lists. It has had the battery replaced around a year or so ago. The battery is now also installed in a removable shell so that swapping batteries is as easy as popping it out and replacing it when the game is on. I would like 450...
  20. demirichris

    Jomac in Australia

    Dudes, I am about to bite the bullet and send a Nanao MS8 27" monitor chassis to Joe of Jomac in Australia. Apparently, he knows everything there is to know about Nanao and is the best in the world at repairing them. I really hope he can fix it because I do not want to throw a wei-ya chassis on...