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  1. ilazul

    MVU-4-25 cab, Last Blade 2, Magical Drop III, Bust a Move Again (Arlington, VA)

    I'll get pics up tonight, I've got a MVU-4-25 for sale in great shape. Has a six slot motherboard, unibios 3, hasn't given me any problems (ever) and has newish seimetsu sticks and buttons. I have MVS copies of Last Blade 2, Magical Drop III, and Bust A Move Again. I'd really like to scoop up...
  2. ilazul

    guwange pcb priced to sell asap

    Guwange $450 Or best offer I am not shipping outside US unless I've dealt with you before.
  3. ilazul

    2x Capcom Impress 1x MVU-4-25 (arlington, VA)

    Pretty much I'm moving and we're getting a new roommate until then, don't know when but it's happening soon. The two impress cabs are in great shape, the MVU-4-25 has never given me a single issue. I'd like to sell the impresses as a pair (850 x 2 = 1,700) and the MVU-4 for 650 (comes with a...
  4. ilazul

    FS: MVS Carts, Naomi hardware, New Astro in DC area

    will update later, pretty much done for now!
  5. ilazul

    NOVA JUNE 11th (big meet up)

    Yep, it's BBQ time again. :mr_t: Most people know the drill, my place for a full day of beer/meat/games. (mostly beer) starts usually around noonish, ends usually around 2 am. I don't think I'll be moving the arcade around to two floors again. I'll just make sure there's enough going on...
  6. ilazul


    all done! Capcom vs snk pro sold Dimahoo JPN sold Pulstar MVS sold Kizuna Encounter MVS sold Radiant Silvergun and Dual Bios Mobo sold IronClad MVS sold
  7. ilazul

    Street Fighter II Pachislot

    Would love to hang on to it, but need the space so its got to go. Its in great shape and I'll try and get some more pics up later tonight. Works fine, takes quarters. Only issue I've had with it, is once in a while it takes a second for the reel to start after the lever has been pulled. Come...
  8. ilazul

    Giant NoVA gathering August 14th!!! (SoVA people come!)

    Thread edited for August 14th. First post on second page. Hoping to outdo last year's (32 people) massive gathering, the 14th of August seems to work out the best for me as it's my bday weekend and we have it off already. (Pray for no rain!) Putting the date out there way in advance so people...
  9. ilazul

    NoVA gathering the 27th!

    Saturday, 27th at my place. PM me if you don't already have the address.
  10. ilazul

    New Astro, SFZ3U GD-rom, RBS and KoF 2k3

    I don't have enough time or money to finish two cabs, so I'm getting rid of one. needs a coat of paint, locks, buttons and stick. Wired 1P, and has a repro 7B panel. Also comes with a 1P 6B net city panel it had originally. Cab works, beautiful monitor, sounds great. Looking for $500 which is...
  11. ilazul

    Phoenixed D&D: SoM blue screen'd (FIXED! READ!)

    Randomly my phoenixed D&D popped a blue screen. Tried re-seating the cart, the roms, different cabs and motherboards, no such luck. What causes a blue screen? I had just recently linked two cabs for 4player, but I can't imagine that causing it. I've played through it at least 10 times since...
  12. ilazul

    teh best MK conversion ever.

    Credit goes to BeaglePuss for finding it Yo I head you like MK, so I put a screen on your screen so you can fatality while you fatality. :buttrock: :buttrock:
  13. ilazul

    Looking for someone to work on my 3S board

    I'd love to pay someone to recap my third strike board (the sound keeps dying), and get a battery replacement while I'm at it. I aksed ChannelManiac once and he said he won't touch CPSIII boards. Is there someone out there experienced with this?
  14. ilazul

    Some Guwange parts sound fuzzy..?

    I've got Guwange running on a Q25, and I put it in an impress as well. The sound during the 1st character's intro cutscene sounds kinda fuzzy. I cleaned the jamma connector and it still sounds kinda fuzzy... maybe its just the old hardware? I have no idea. Otherwise the game sounds great, no...
  15. ilazul

    What kind of lock is this?

    I can't find these cam locks at all. Usually they have a screw in the back. I need a pair asap!
  16. ilazul

    Looking to get a 31khz cab

    What's a good generic 31khz cab for naomi / atomiswave / etc.? I'm thinking the Atomiswave SD, but I heard the monitors aren't that great.
  17. ilazul

    Cleanin' out the closet sale

    all done!
  18. ilazul

    anyone order from excellentcom?

    Looking at a few things on Are their games new or used? The prices seem pretty good. Good/Bad transactions?
  19. ilazul

    Mini NoVA get together on the 24th

    Thanks to all that came on the 10th! Anyways, I'd like to do something on the 24th... but if that's the weekend the New Astros are arriving the group will be understandably busy. If you have an astro coming in, you should be here anyways. Update: Most people are busy anyways, but if anyone is...
  20. ilazul

    WTB: A few loose MVS carts

    No kits please! Lookig for: Baseball Stars 2 Neo Turf Masters Pulstar Rage of the Dragons Windjammers