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  1. Mendel

    (SOLD but corona fucks us) WTS: Gunlord

    edit made after receiving payment I went to post office and they refused my package with this: I will make a new post for longer story...
  2. Mendel

    Chronicles of Mystara on Wii U (sale... filter?)

    Okay, so it seems like chronicles of mystara is at the moment for sale at 75% off on wii u store. at less than 5 euros its tempting. However. on screenshots it seems to have some sort of ugly filter going on and they claim that makes the graphics "hd". Has anyone by chance bought that game and...
  3. Mendel

    Flashcarts illegal to sell?

    Got this from dragonbox. Will this make all flashcarts hard to find or will this affect just nintendo ds carts? Any thoughts? I decided to not include their contact information on this post, if anyone actually wants to help them, does not have their newsletter and needs their contact...
  4. Mendel


    Okay, so... someone recently ran through Gunlord in 13 minutes. :eek: And here I was so happy to have done it in less than 20. I´m beat Anyways... do people speedrun (other) Neo Geo games?
  5. Mendel

    Mendels Retro Mancave 2016

    After a bit of rearranging, the room is starting to take shape. From left to right. Nokia 21" crt monitor. Sharp x68000 with sd card hdd and 6megs ram Amiga Tower 1200 with cf hdd, 030 and 64 megs ram, indivision aga. VGA switch. AI CMVS, Scart switch, Trinitron TV. C64, SNES, Supergun...
  6. Mendel

    Anyone opened a wooden analogue joystick?

    I´m considering changing buttons on one of them wooden analogue sticks. You know, the ones they sold with their cmvs things and separately. But before I get started, I was wondering if anyone already did something like this and took pictures of the internals. Will the damn thing fall apart and...
  7. Mendel

    (found) x68k expert memory

    I have an x68000 Expert HD It has only 2MB ram and some games need 4MB ram or more especially when running from hard drive and not diskette. One of the floppy drives is broken so this is a bit of an issue. I can not find any ram addon card after looking for a few months. It would have to be...
  8. Mendel

    Start of your Drinking Life

    tastes like reindeer piss but it made me dance.
  9. Mendel

    Beware: Every surgery/operation is a big infection risk nowadays

    So I probably didnt talk about this to most people here yet so I just wanted to raise awareness now that I feel like I made it through my experience after all. So I went to dentist to get a wisdom tooth removed, I had had 2 of them removed previously with no issues whatsoever and now was time...
  10. Mendel

    Gunlord on Coleco Chameleon?

    Umm... that retrovgs crew damn well better have the rights to use ng dev team games in their marketting material... So... you think this will actually happen? that handle reminds me of...
  11. Mendel

    Anyone near San Antonio, Texas?

    I am going to travel to San Antonio and stay in a hotel there between January 26th - February 2nd 2016. I was wondering if there is anyone here that would possibly want to meet up and/or just help me get from airport to hotel (San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter) and in general give me tips on how...
  12. Mendel

    Things that remind you of (but aren´t) Neo-Geo

    I´ll start with this Go on then, make this thread gay
  13. Mendel

    Have any of you had your ps4 serviced yet?

    So a few weeks ago I sent my ps4 for maintenance because it was beeping, beeping, spitting out discs and beeping and beeping and beeping and AAAAAAAARGH did I mention it was beeping? Anyways, no online solution would help, turn the eject screw it beeps, tweak the bottom rubber thing it beeps...
  14. Mendel

    Analogue CMVS, games and stick (price drop)

    This is going back for sale What you will get: Analogue interactive CMVS -1x Analogue interactive Arcade Stick -5 games League Bowling, Metal Slug, Puzzle Bobble, Spinmaster, and Soccer Brawl (street hoop is sold and no longer available) -S-video/Composite cable. -power plug that...
  15. Mendel

    How about a game of the year score competition thing?

    Like right now we have the shmup and bump of the month threads, only these would run for an entire year. Long enough for any interested person to get a board and post a score, even to learn more of the game and get some real competition going with a really relaxed schedule. Month might be too...
  16. Mendel

    Should avatars be working?

    They haven´t worked for a while for me. Doesnt seem to depend on browser or even if I´m at home or office. But I´ve seen other people mention avatars like as if they worked. Puzzled. Maybe its some setting?
  17. Mendel

    move along, nothing to see here

    I had a trade with darksoft. cps2 game vs that stv multicart. feedback requires a thread in market section so I made one for convenience. Cart received, working and is awesome. I suppose others can use this for giving him feedback too. edit: it doesnt work so use this instead...
  18. Mendel

    (usa) broken analogue interactive wooden stick

    Someone at ebay is selling one of the wood panel sticks. Probably easy fixer upper for someone who knows how to solder (start button doesnt work) I have a couple of these...
  19. Mendel

    Mustia shockboxeja olis myynnissä

    Muutamia mustia shockboxeja voisin laittaa myyntiin jos jotakuta kiinnostaa. 11 euroa / kappale olisi hinta. (+postikulut) Noin 10 kappaletta mulla on ja ihan hyväkuntosia ovat. Mulla on myös A3 tulostin, joten voin tarvittaessa tulostaa haluamasi mvs pelin insertin mukaan.
  20. Mendel

    fs: caveman ninja pcb

    No idea what region it is. Board seems like a legit data east board so its at least not the chinese variety of a boot that comes in a very different looking dirty huge pcb. That said there are windowed eproms on it with windows covered by pieces of tape, I havent got the faintest idea if...