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  1. soulthug

    Neo CDZ + 15 Games on eBay - No Reserve

    Hello there folks! Got to get this stuff shifted as i'm moving house, then trotting off to Uni. Will ship anywhere, and send us a message if you need more info or photos. 99p with no...
  2. soulthug

    Neo CDZ for sale/trade etc

    quoted from my unsuccessful year old thread about the matter reasonable cash offers or i'll trade for an AES with potentially dodgy physical appearance of any region with any game for it :emb: Happy Days!
  3. soulthug

    FS: Neo Geo CDZ w/14 games (+old school stick) w/Pics, £150/$310 shipped!

    Hi there folks, selling a Japanese Neo Geo CDZ with: Jap KOF98 :A: spine, and calendar cards thing if i can find it :) US Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer :C: Jap KOF97 :C: US Aero Fighters 3 :C: Jap Top Hunter :D: Jap Viewpoint :C: Jap Crossed Swords :B: spine Jap Fatal Fury 3 :C: Jap Puzzle Bobble...
  4. soulthug

    "R n B 2008" - Truly Talent Tossers love in the club by usher pwned it's criminal these producers can make money from several seconds work
  5. soulthug

    Prince Harry - Covert Bellend lol bullet magnet the funniest thing to come out of this is getting a royal to say shit twice on telly at 7 in the evening and i think it's a perfectly fine and gentlemanly agreement they had going, now him and his homebizzles...
  6. soulthug

    Do bad songs detract from the good on an album?

    Take this: Would you rather have an album with 8 songs you like/love on, or the same eight songs plus three or four ones that don't impress you/you hate? Some say there's nothing wrong with the bad songs that are there, just skip them. Fair point, but in my opinion, bad songs or fillers tend...
  7. soulthug

    Jeremy Beadle dies

    sad times everyone give a big hand to his achievements :emb: :crying:
  8. soulthug

    Decent free antiviruses?

    Because i'm poor Avast! is one i shall not be using again, it's fucked up everything, hugely, trying to do things for you and such any others that don't suck the balls? :help:
  9. soulthug

    "My parents won't find out!" "These glasses are famous!" :lolz: and that reporter is ridicularsely hawt.
  10. soulthug

    Batman vs Spongebob

    drawn for a mate on a crap web sketcher thing to cheer her up lols
  11. soulthug

    Mousepad with MAME

    would it be possible for someone to write some magic code or other geekwankery that would enable you to use a mouse/mousepad for the directionals in mame? This could possibly be a lot better than using shitty keys for the directions in fighters i mean on a laptop with a mousepad, doing this...
  12. soulthug

    New Years Eve Song / First Song Of The Year

    arcade robot by boys noize cruuuuuuuuuuuunch
  13. soulthug

    The Best Birthday Present Ever, (Pound Shop Wrestling Figures Inside!)

    my brother's present for me featuring khan, string, and rude roddy pipe player with real action dumbells, chainsaws and spiked baseball bats i so want the whole set, the kevin pash figure has a crocodile to use to fight
  14. soulthug

    What's in your pockets?

    Like the whats on your desktop. POCKET SIZE! Spandex wearers need not apply. a bank card a psp and some headphones a lighter £9.56 a crumpled cigarette a mangled christmas card and shattered dreams of a wasted childhood :emb: your turn
  15. soulthug

    The humiliation to end them all.

    This is one of the funniest things i have ever witnessed.
  16. soulthug

    Hatton is getting ready to fuck up Mayweather

    Who's watching? oooh, it's a glorious thing to see 25,000 manchester yobs roaming the streets of the us :emb:
  17. soulthug

    Lol, and plenty of it

  18. soulthug

    ehrm...... no comment
  19. soulthug

    Which toss did the pink lightening bolt thingy?

    What a heap of wangs.
  20. soulthug

    Good sound recording programs?

    Anyone know of any decent free sound recorder? I'm using Hi-Q recorder, it fucking sucks. Anyone know of one with a decent bit-rate and doesn't fuck up constantly like aforementioned program?