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    don t buy it

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    Atomiswave or "other platforms SNK games" section

    I think that if sells SNK games on AW it would be nice to have such section. not unrelated but SNK games on other platforms. That would allow ports and original games on AW to have their own part without poluting the neogeo sections. just an idea for when the first snk games arrive...
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    Famitsu: Aou Report End Of Neogeo,1077247911,21643,0,0.html ƒlƒIƒWƒI‚ª’z‚«￾ã‚°‚½13”NŠÔ‚Ì—ðŽj‚Í￾A￾¡￾t‰Ò“®—\’è‚Ì￾wƒTƒ€ƒ‰ƒCƒXƒsƒŠƒbƒc—ë SPECIAL￾x‚Å–‹‚ð•Â‚¶‚é￾B‚µ‚©‚µ‚»‚̈â“`Žq‚̓Aƒgƒ~ƒXƒEƒFƒCƒu‚Ɏ󂯌p‚ª‚ê￾A‚³‚ç‚È‚é￾i‰»‚ð￾‹‚°‚邱‚Æ‚É‚È‚è‚»‚¤‚¾￾B After 13years of history, the curtain...
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    bye bye Marin

    bye bye~
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    Happy Valentine's Day to all those concerned~

    If you have a girlfriend and like Valentine's Day then Happy Valentine's Day :) ~Have fun with your beloved and enjoy it the best you can~ i ve recieved a wonderfull love letter from my gf that s why i am so happy today :tickled: I don t need Valentine's day to show my girlfriend i love her...
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    Update The Neo has graphical guts...

    the ol' granma can definitly give good things. so, i was bored this week end so i ripped the whole first level (final bloodline) of SOTN, made it neo-geo compliant (in term of colors count), changed a bit my good old platformer engine for GBA (castlevania-esque jumps). this screen is a...
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    Neobitz: Neogeo homebrew games step 1 !

    The MVS Tracker is online at , go check this out if you want to create your own neogeo game :) btw, if you visit the forum you can download my first tune, Wicked Child (castlevania) WIP. :) have fun! the other tools should follow in a near future
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    Half Life 2 official news @CNN ok bad news... delayed to summer, so it won t be here before xmas i bet. other bad news: vampires: bloodlines delayed to 2005 because of the HL2 engine delay that sux...
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    someone complained Akari is not in here :) did that fast one so that it s fixed
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    kof 2k3 good news for NGH

    ok, as you know the roms are available, blah blah i ve played a bit with it, and the bosses are playable (their moves fully implemented user-wise). so, there should be a code to play with them. if it s not an official code, it should be activated in the UNIBIOS (raz made his unibios NGH...
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    2k3 Iori... the head thing

    Still not solved btw^^
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    Some sketches

    hmm just wanted to contribute three little things... one sketch from me one sketch from my girlfriend and a little drawing of me and her she made :) thx for watching
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    DC: slug 5, SS0, KOF2003 in 2k4 this french site says that SNK has planned to release at least 3 new games on dreamcast, most likely to be from their latest releases. I don t think SVC:Chaos will make it since it s already out on ps2 but slug5,kof2k3...
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    My (yeah i m possessive) Mai :)

    Here is a little CG work on a Mai drawing i did... btw, this drawing has 34 layers :)
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    My view of Marin ^^

    with verry rough and light color pencil work because i like that :p -small edit: smaller head-
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    Mars Express found water :) the article is in french, but here it is summed up: European Space Agency said that mars express has found iced water in the north pole of Mars and in surface. It s highly probable that liquid water lies in the depth of the planet, that would...
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    Athena~ Ikimaaaaaaaaasu :)

    a little athena ^^ it s a "retouched" kof2k3 outfit (shorter skirt for example :p)
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    section in administrations for bans

    What about having a new blocked (only moderators can post) section in Administration for bans of known members (i mean with 500+ posts or here for more than 6 months or coming back after a previous ban)... it might be nice to get the reason of the ban. It s not so important for me, but i guess...
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    Ghostlop homecarts etc...

    please block that thread, i m tired of it beeing bumped in the news 1) that s avertizing for a bootlegger 2) it s not new anymore 3) dunno, i m tired and so tired of it
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    Evil Wasabi!

    I AM EVIL AND THEN WHAT ? I *heart* EW too :)