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    Tips on beating Final Boss Gaoh on SSV?

    Been playing this game recently. Trying to 1CC with all the fighters but this boss is ridiculous. Have only done it with Bust Sogetsu so far, because I kept jumping in the corner and air fireballing until time ran out. Is there anything at all that I can do when he has transformed? I literally...
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    How do I stop the Arcade from using credits on both sides when I play on 2P side?

    This is getting annoying. I have a 4 Slot US cab, with the latest Unibios in it. I want to play on the 2nd player (right) side, not player 1. The cabinet keeps forcing me to use 2 credits if I want to use that side, and it automatically uses one for the Player 1 side, and before I can start...
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    Anyone here buy concert tickets online? What's a good site?

    So I was looking at , but they have some wonky system where I have to choose an amount to pay (only 3 options) and they "find" me one which results in nothing coming back. I googled some other sites but some just look like a scam, like a person made the site in about 10 minutes...
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    Toronto Animecon next weekend if anyone is interested in going/meeting me

    Since this event will have a weapons master to check the items you are carrying, the most you can do is bumrush me with your bare hands, which Bill doesn't sweat. ;) Seriously though, March 20th, Saturday, I'll be there all day doing my thing, any Toronto or Ontario members want to see what the...
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    Could I absorb the next banned retard's posts?

    If you're going to ban the next dummy, could I absorb their posts? Say, instead of one of you mod's purging them. I think it would create another layer of insanity (read, stupidity) to my account, and would serve to confuse me even more, I already have no idea which ones were my posts now. :D...
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    What is the purpose of Yamakzaki's F-D-DF Kick in KOF 98?

    Maybe I should have asked this 10 years ago when more people cared. I don't understand the point or purpose to Yamazaki's :dragf: :B: / :D: The B version is an overhead for the 2nd hit yes, but there's a lot of time between the first and the second hit. The D version is just a gimp move from...
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    Anyone have a Nokia N86? How is it?

    Been looking at getting a great new cellphone. I see Nokia N86 has 8MP camera and can record Video too, but then there's the iPhone 3G. Flipping back and forth between the 2, which would be better. What do you all think?
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    Cosplay, and stuff

    Eh. Entire album You need to change the @ to A for it to work, sorry. For the March Animecon I'll have pills with candy I guess, I shared candy with new friends I met. I also need a leg holster, a dude told me about...
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    Can anyone help me edit a video? Windows Movie Maker is not working

    Hey guys. All I'm trying to do is edit a music video, because the video is great, but the audio is very bad. I have the original Music in audio format, and I have downloaded the Music Video from youtube, and converted it from MP4 to WMV. But I came across 2 problems : 1. My Audio file shows...
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    Killing Floor

    Anyone else preorder this? 6 Player Co-op Horror Gore FPS. It's a Steam game, normal price $20, still on sale now for $15. Check out the trailer. Comes out in just less than 2 weeks. I already preordered, as well as some of my friends*. * Steam...
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    Formatting my Hard Drive, have questions about starting over

    Hello all. I am going to be formatting my hard drive soon, and starting over from scratch. Now, I have a lot of general settings questions and the like : -Which Free Antivirus is best to use? I have been using AVG Free on my existing one, it seems to work pretty well, but I noticed it always...
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    Lesnar VS Couture tonight (UFC 91)

    Anyone going to be watching? Thoughts, Predictions?
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    Where can I find Street Fighter 2 Marquee images?

    I'm looking for a specific SF2 Marquee I printed out about a year ago, but cannot find it anymore. It's this one : My username, when written without a space in between DARK and ANDY, is erased from these boards if you write it, so you need to...
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    Street Fighter The Movie : Where is the Kick Harness connector??

    I don't see it anywhere on the board, and I can't even search for in an engine, as all I get are all the other games, not this one. I see no Kick Harness connector, and nothing seems to be missing on the board. It's a 2 level PCB, and there is no indication there would be a 3rd. For some...
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    Where can I find Arcade Sticks with Fire Buttons on them?

    It's tough to do online searches for this. I'm looking for an Arcade Stick with preferably 2 fire buttons. Think like a NES Quickshot type thing, a Fire Button on top, and one for the Index Finger to use, like a trigger. Anyone know where I can buy a couple?
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    WTB: Street Fighter 2 JAMMA PCB

    In working condition, of course. Anyone have a spare one laying around, you'd sell to me for cheap? I have PayPal, shipping would be to Canada.
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    WTB: Cheap NES Knockoff (Top loading, only need console)

    I realized all I have are Famicom Knockoffs. I need a NES Top Loading Knockoff, for real cheap. If you have one lying around, I'll PayPal you some money for it. Don't need controllers, only the Console. (Maybe the AC Adapter as well) Needs to be A/V as well, not RF. Thanks!
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    My images not showing up?

    Hey guys, I linked some images in my selling thread, but they're not showing up. :conf: They show up at other forums, but not here. :help: EDIT: Imageshack isn't working for me either. But I can see others pics? EDIT2: It seems FLickr works. :) What's wrong with the others?
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    FS/FT: Homemade Professional Heavy Duty PS2 Arcade Stick

    It is made of wood and win. Top is plexiglas, white edges are plastic like Cabinet edges. Here are pics : Offers OR Looking to trade towards a Wii console (Nobody who wants exorbitant...
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    TORONTO Swap Meet November 2nd, Who's coming?

    It's going to be held in Mississauga, near the Airport. $20 for a table $8 for admission There's going to be a massive amount of stuff there, and dozens of sellers. I'll be going, who's going as well? Wizkid? Maxlords? Neobomberman? Bobak? lol, he'd Nesagwa me, he'll fill his calendar up in...