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  1. taitai

    WTB - Neo Geo Pocket Color battery cover, any color.

    Unearthed my Neo Geo Pocket Color and eBay is extremely useless. I'd just buy a new one, but, me and that thing have been through some good times together :( what about a 3D printed option?
  2. taitai

    Civil discussion on Gun control.

    I hope we can keep this civil. Keeping this out of the "HAY GUISE LOOK AT WHAT I BOUGHT" thread mostly because I don't want to shit up the thread of someone who's very enthusiastic about their firearms. (Please don't shoot me) Logical fallacies ahoy! That's what we call an appeal to fear as...
  3. taitai

    CPS-3 Revival - An Experiment

    So I'm wondering, with a dead CPS-3 cart, can one just simply decrypt the ROMs, reburn the ROM data to a CD, and have the system install decrypted ROM data to the CPS-3 board? Or is there still other work that needs to be done to CPS-3 systems?
  4. taitai

    King of Kong, and why I think I'm fed up with "classic" gamers.

    I saw someone mention King of Kong in the Twin Galaxies thread, so I track a copy down, and I'm just ... sort of not impressed with how they early on dismiss the difficulty of modern, or even non-classic gaming. I mean, I'm not going to say that there's more skill to playing Guilty Gear or...
  5. taitai

    FS: Astro City - $200

    For sale: Astro City. Dings on the cab itself, needs a new control panel and coinmech. Given the horror stories with shipping cabs I've heard, I will not ship it unless someone can pick it up. Good news is that it's at a storage locker that's also a UHAUL. I live in the Las Vegas, NV area...
  6. taitai

    Guilty Gear 2 Announced.

    From the forums: Yup. Guilty Gear 2 so far is going to be a 3D Beat'em'up
  7. taitai

    Pro-War arguments are full of shit.

    I'm watching the live coverage of the all night cluster-fuck-a-thon on CSPAN 2, and Orrin Hatch keeps making the claim, "These people are threatening our mainland." :very_ang: :very_ang:
  8. taitai

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. one week.

    Okay NERDS, who's pumped for this? Book 7. Anticipation is high. I hear Professor Binns dies.
  9. taitai

    Definitive "I just got an old school system" thread.

    I just got a Saturn. What accessories, other than the VF Stick Pro, do I need now? What games other than VF2, VF Kids, Panzer Dragoon(and Zwei), NiGHTS and Virtual On?
  10. taitai

    "The Razoola Files" Is there some reason why the Emulation community is calling someone we know and love a thief and a scammer? Razoola's work's been great. But, is any of this true? Is Raz hoarding all of these boards? What about the money? True or...
  11. taitai

    CPS-3 Reviving? ! They describe someone who's reviving CPS-3 carts. Confirm? Deny? Shenanigans?
  12. taitai

    Fuck libertarianism.

    Seriously. What's the deal? With no strong central power, there would be no body that could negotiate strong business interests overseas, or even have a stable currency to trade by. Hell, business couldn't get by with out the commons. Roads, telecoms, electric grid, etc. I'm not even...
  13. taitai

    US Release of Fatal Fury Battle Archives?(SNKJorge, stay out of this thread.)

    There's a new section on the SNKP board for FFBAv1. Looks like there's going to be a US release!
  14. taitai

    Dead Dreamcast. .

    Dreamcast no longer reads CDs or GDROMs, is there a tweak i can do? The motor can spin up... But no data comes out.
  15. taitai

    wtf, left handed control panel layouts? So I'm watching the above Vampire vid and noticed that Daigo's playing on what looks to be a goddamn lefthanded control panel. am i hallucinating?:loco:
  16. taitai

    I own two n64 arcade memory card slots. wtf now?!

    my brother works for GameWorks. Occasionally, he'll come home with stories about throwing away random arcade hardware. I guess after enough of me wincing about what they've cleared out this week, he's brought home the red headed stepchildren of his work office's collection. wtf now?!
  17. taitai

    Yet another goddamn wrestler dies.

    source: yet another wrestler dies. =(
  18. taitai


    (ITT = In This Thread.) So I just had Ranch and Chip Stew. I had a jar of ranch from a new years party that was about to go bad, so I took the last of the chips, crushed them up, mixed them up with the ranch, and made what I could affectionately call Ranch and Chip stew. anyone else have...
  19. taitai

    VF5 heading to Xbox360.

    Here's to hoping the VSHG shows up on the 360.
  20. taitai's own TCC .

    SA has a great forum called The Crackhead Clubhouse. Seeing the number of drug related threads, why not a subforum in the war room for such?