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    Blue Revolver

    Hi everyone, STGWeekly has covered a shooter you should check out. Blue Revolver! It's available now. Has anyone gotten it already?
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    G.rev releasing Strania: The Stella Machina on Steam Nov 27th

    Really pleased at all the shmups coming out on Steam. If you want to know more about the game, feel free to check out the STGWeekly episode we did on the Xbox 360 version: Cheers, F
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    STGWeekly YouTube show all about shooters/shmups

    Hey guys, If you're into STGs/shooters/shmups check out Is there anything that you would want to see/know about on the show? We're always taking suggestions. Cheers, --the F-man :D
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    WTB: Rayforce and Darius Gaiden F3 carts

    Yo, Am interested in getting Rayforce and Darius Gaiden (no extra) F3 carts. I'm cool with the real deal or conversions. Send me a PM if you got 'em and need dat scratch! :multi_co: Cheers, F
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    STGWeekly - YouTube show

    Hey guys, thought you might be interested in our weekly shmup YouTube show! Check out the episodes here: Cheers, F :glee:
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    WTB/WTTF: Muchi Muchi Pork PCB

    Looking for a Muchi Muchi Pork PCB. For partial trade+cash I have: Aero Fighters Atomic Runner: Chelnov Last Mission Cheers! --F
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    FS: Dodonpachi DOJ BLEX for Xbox 360 JP

    $60 obo PayPal gift or include 4% fees for Dodonpachi DOJ Black Label Extra for Xbox 360 shipped in the continental US. Cheers, F
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    SoCal: Lots of Japanese Candy Cabs in a storefront!

    Hey guys just wanted to give a heads up for those wanting candy cabs: Me and Shuurin just went down to VideogameX in Huntington Beach, CA. Josh the owner is a great guy to deal with. I just picked up an Egret 3, arcade game got 2x Egret 3s, and Shuurin is going to pick up his Egret 3 tonight...
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    SOLD: Sega Astro City 2 Candy Cabinet in SoCal $700

    Sold! Thank you! Hi guys, It's with a heavy heart that have to let this rare candy cab go. I just don't have enough space for it anymore. My loss could be your gain. $700 obo takes the Astro City 2. Also will take shmup PCBs which take up a lot less space. :D Prior owner took great care of...
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    Frenetic's collection

    Who can take tomorrow Dip it in a dream Separate the sorrow And collect up all the cream? The Candyman can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good. 2x New New Cities and Astro City 2 Egret 3 w/Toshiba Pure Flat Monitor (K29CQ50) --the F-man
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    FT: *PS2/PS1/NDS/GBA/SAT/DVDs* Wants: Xbox 360 and PCBs

    Hi there, am looking for arcade PCBs/Sega Naomi carts to trade for. Please PM if interested. Hope we can make a deal beneficial to both of us! I've got feedback on! NES Cleaning Kit, Abuse for PC, Command & Conquer for PC, Full Spectrum Warrior for PC, Grand Theft Auto IV...
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    Guide to Shooters

    Hi everyone, I wrote a guide/bibliography to shooters/shmups and thought people might benefit from it: 1. Get an arcade stick (or if you’re comfortable with your pad controller [XBOX 360/PS3 controller can go right into your computer], keyboard, or input device of choice, please feel free to...
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    Shooting Game Tournament 2011

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know about the shooting game tournament starting at the shmups forum. You can find out more details and register here:
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    WTB: Namco or Konami JVS to JAMMA adapter and JVS-PAC

    If you're selling I'm buyin! Shoot me a PM. Cheers, F
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    WTB: Japanese XBOX 360

    Do you have one and want to sell it? Would love a Jasper chipset XBOX 360...and a wired controller would be nice. I'm in the US/Southern California. --F :)