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  1. Segata_Sanshiro

    Ultrahuge megasale, mostly imports (Saturn, PSX, PS2, Xbox)

    Xbox: Panzer Dragoon Orta (USA) Saturn: Donpachi PS2: Gigawing Generations PSX: Dodonpachi Mr. Driller G Raiden DX Strikers 1945 II Donpachi Money Puzzle Exchanger Umihara Kawase Shun Pop 'n Pop Metal Slug X Landmaker
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    Anyone do any charity shit? I'm looking for something, preferably something where I can meet swells. I did humane society once, and that was pretty cool, but it's all older women and kind of a long drive. Voter registration sucked, although I did get a couple of people registered so I guess...
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    Anyone check this out? I'm looking for more sci-fi and I heard this is quite good, and available on Netfliques.
  4. Segata_Sanshiro

    Where else did Makismo post?

    I still have his phone number. I should call that fella.
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    Weird Crap on your Local Craigslist I fully expect most of the posts in this thread to come from the personals section, but I'll kick it off with something from cars+trucks. Just checked this baby out today, it has a fucked transmission and no maintenance records. So after you...
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    Hard Work: How do you do it?

    Man, I had a real, full-time job once, and it was horrible. I like having money and feeling superior to people, but to me it's just not worth the living hell that is constant work. It seems to me that the key is to kind of enjoy the suffering. It's like how these CEO's who don't need any...
  7. Segata_Sanshiro

    Look up Bubble Cars for a chortle Best one is the Messerschmitt that actually looks like an ME-109 cockpit
  8. Segata_Sanshiro

    Communism really doesn't seem that bad

    Apart from the mass killings (which happen with any revolution, not just communist ones) it seems like the Eastern Bloc/China were nice enough places to live. Free healthcare, guaranteed work, and a low rate of violent crime. They should have kept that junk in place
  9. Segata_Sanshiro

    A Nice Piece of Crap

    Thinking about getting a $1000 dollar beater to drive to work and such. Leaning towards an old Volvo, because if the timing belt breaks it won't mess up the engine. There's one on local craigslist for like $700. Then again winter is coming and their heaters are wont to blow.
  10. Segata_Sanshiro

    Why would anyone buy a moped?

    I'm looking at them on Ebay, and they're 1-3 grand in running condition. Most of them can't go above 25 mph. Why would you buy one of these over a motorcycle, or even a used car? You might as well walk to work at that speed.
  11. Segata_Sanshiro

    Lenin on Discrimination

    The rich divide us through our bigotry
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    Mod Stats

    Let's have some transparency in our government. Who has the most bans? Forum lockouts? Thread locks/edits? Who controls Judge Dredd?
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    The Best Job You've Ever Had

    Most of the ones I've had so far make me want to shove a shotgun in my mouth. I need to find a good balance of being able to afford to live versus not wanting to paint the walls with my brains. How do doctors do it, anyway? To me, the thought of a new car and a house in the 'burbs doesn't...
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    Joe Average Work Story Thread Index

    Every Manager Gets One The Fat Guy gets hired. Revenge of the Fat Guy, and Urban Chiggers The Fat Guy misses out on cake; the truck gets infested. May the Fat Guy be With You Joe gets a promotion, but has staffing issues. In Management, No One Can Hear You Scream The Fat Guy improves...
  15. Segata_Sanshiro

    Needed: Saturn parts

    Need two figure 8 (japanese) power cables and two standard yellow-red-white a/v cables so I can sell my consoles.
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    FS: My entire Saturn collection, PS2 Shmups, accessories, JAMMA PCB

    I spent years getting all the best arcade games for these systems, and then quit gaming. Now, I'm putting all these puppies up for auction in ONE SINGLE WEEK omg...
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    In high school, they taught us that Earth's gravity was a constant. It can't be. When I jump, I'm moving away from the earth, and thus reducing its gravitational pull on me with every speck of distance I put between myself and it. Is it unnoticeable enough that we can use a constant to...
  18. Segata_Sanshiro

    Anyone beat Civ III on the hardest difficulty?

    I'd like to see a video, because I think there's some stuff about the game I'm still not getting. It's incredibly tedious and slow, yet addictive
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    What's so great about Aung San Suu Kyi or whatever

    I know she went against the military government somehow, but seriously, what kind of shitty dictatorship doesn't execute people like that? At least put them in a horrific death camp you fucking amateurs. I'll move there and go against the government if the only consequence is house arrest...
  20. Segata_Sanshiro

    Easy Jobs

    I'm trying to work, like, 25 hours a week If I can make $10/hr I'll have enough to live comfortably. Deliver pizza perhaps? Or wait motherfuckin' tables. They always want experience with those restauranty jobs, which makes one wonder how you get into that in the first place