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  1. fiolinagermi

    Does anyone know what is wrong with my Super Famicom?

    I have had a couple problems with my super famicom so far, and researching on the internet I cannot find anyone else who has had these specific problems. The first thing that happened is that I bought a copy of mario kart, put it in, and all the tracks were missing. Basically, you could get...
  2. fiolinagermi

    Samurai Shodown RPG Bootleg? or Legit?

    Hi Guys, I found this item today while looking through the racks at my local Good Will. At first I thought it was a PC game, but then when I looked at the file system I realized it was the Playstation version of the game. I tried to find information online to see if there was ever a release...
  3. fiolinagermi

    Puzzle Fighter 2 HD (PSN)

    I bought this game, but I can't find anyone online at all. Is the servers just dead or am I doing something wrong? I went into multi-player, selected quick game, and then nothing.
  4. fiolinagermi

    hey all...

    i have 3 accounts, this one, wakuwakuwhat?, and winter. Winter is my main account, but I dont have access to it anymore. I'm mainly known for the work I did on with bluvoodu. I'm Lesley (winter) four years ago. I've bought from shawn, and from bv a lot. I basically just went...
  5. fiolinagermi

    Best Neo-geo CD Games

    What do you think are the best Neogeo CD games? Think about it in the whole picture, not just gameplay, load times, or collectibility. Instead, all those things as an entire package. Based on that, what do you think are the top titles?
  6. fiolinagermi

    PS2 losing SNK Support

    Before I post the email I received from Ben Herman this morning, let me say that I have hit my last straw with the PS2. I will still play the games I have (Strikers 1945 being one of them), but I will not buy another PS2 game. Finito! From Ben Herman ( (I had asked...