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    War zone, Brazilian style !!!

    Big resume, 3 of 4 buildings collapse last night, the one that is left is where i work, i was on the building at 21hs when the whole thing happens, i watched everything going down from the window on my office, further info can be found on cnn bbc and for those who can read Portuguese look at...
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    Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor

    Solved, thanks.
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    Ebay seller luikudi

    I don't know for sure if he's a scammer or just a lazy mofo, bought this item from him and payed for EMS shipping, now almost 30 days from the original payment he didn't send me any...
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    WTB: Future Press Byonetta Strategy Guide

    I'm looking for one copy, hard cover, new or used, please keep in mind three things before PM me: 1 - Price shipped to Brazil; 2 - Include pay pal fees; 3 - Be reasonable, in not going to cash a 100 dollars in a book. :rolleyes:
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    Supergun - where and what ?

    I know this topic is older than my pubic hair (specially those on my butt :cool:) but i have a new dilemma to solve and a super gun seen to be the only answer, long story short, im moving to a new condo and i although it's significantly larger than my old house my dear wife leave no room for my...
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    Master System revival

    Tec Toy (former sega licensed seller) is relaunching the master system with 131 games, link for the console and games above. I dont really care for it but i know someone can enjoy this news here.
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    WTB: Complete Super Gun

    I'm done with consolized shits, it's to expensive for my actual financial status, looking for one that has composite output and a small size, PM or email with pictures and price. PS: If you don't know how much you will want for what you are trying to sale, please don't waste my time, i won't...
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    PS3 + network = me pissed and PS3 dead !!!!

    I never liked to play games ion my computer, the whole experience make me feel weird and i lost tons of time to make the game to work (updates for the games, new drivers and etc) that shit never end when it comes to computer games, that's the main reason i always liked video games, the entire...
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    FF7: CC Finished - SPOILER FREE !

    Morning edit: From the very beginning i felt very weird playing side by side with sephiroth. I runned tjrough the the game and left behind some side quests and most of the missions that have opened, some didn't even appeared for playing and i don't know why. I played on normal setting and it...
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    F1 corner for the fans and hatters !

    Its started again in Australia, now without traction control i thought we would get some heat between drivers and to my surprise the first race was shit, hamilton won from start to finish and no one bother him, the slow cars are still able to hold the ferraris and maclarens back without to much...
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    Neo Store and Anandtech, review of a SSD

    I was reading this review when all of a sudden a read a mention to neo store and a direct link to the store, im proud of being a member here now ..... :glee:
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    PS3 40Gb vs 60Gb vc 80Gb ?!?! What the hell ....

    Theres my problem, i sold my old 60Gb PS3 to a friend, now i went to amazon to get a new one and there it is, only 40Gb (not PS2 compatible) and 80GB, the differences between than are just the lack of PS2 support and that the 80Gb only support PS2 games by software and not by hardware anymore...
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    Thats specially direct to anyone who lives in Japan, im looking for a Casio G-SHOCK model DW-8250Y-9T Frogman Yellow, please price it shipped to Miami-USA. Thanks
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    Marvel equivalent for DC Crisis on Infinite Earths ?

    I recently bought one of this just because it is one the comics that i still can remember from my youth, what i cant remember is that Marvel did something like this, i do remember that i read a series of comics from marvel involving all the characters in a war between good and evil where they...
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    My time has come, problem with a seller !

    Well well, this day would come sooner or later but i was hoping to be much more later than this, point is, i bought a used piece of hardware from a seller here (name later) it should be in mint condition and a paid a premium for that little word MINT, im not a pick guy and since the hardware is...
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    WTB - NDS Lite system and games - FOUND ALMOST EVERYTHING - thanks.

    Looking for a mint system complete with box (in any color) and the following games. Any or all Mario games (including yoshis wario and princess peach games too) Castlevania (all of then including the double pack from GBA) Final Fantasy (all of then including the GBA games) Sim City Brain age /...
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    Im looking for a hassle free solution and those two appear to be very very simple to operate, does anyone have tested it ? Any help will be appreciate.
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    Nick is a good guy, he shipped my DC VGA adapter lightning fast and it arrived well packed. Greets to one more good seller on my book.
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    Help needed in english translation.

    By now most of you may noticed that my english skills are first grade quality :rolleyes: but my wife thinks im sooooooo good in it that she gave me the pleasure to translate his college monography from portuguese to english, easy to say than to do. What i need from a good soul is to read the...
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    Is this fishy or what ?

    Take a look at that, anyone in the right mind wont bid on something like that and btw it looks to be a conversion just for the lack of the manual. FISHY AUCTION