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  1. neojedi

    Cowboy Bebop COVID-19 tributes

    Cowboy Bebop is getting some crazy love with the tribute videos. Last week's was nice but yesterday's had a lot more to it. 5/1: 4/24:
  2. neojedi

    Legend of Success Joe on Blu-ray

    I saw this in passing and was surprised there wasn't any news of it here. There was a Discotek US blu-ray release of this a few days ago as "Tomorrow's Joe." It's in stock at the usual places (Rightstuf, Amazon, RAC, etc.)
  3. neojedi

    Little Nightmares

    New upcoming game - the reveal trailer on the 11th didn't show much, but the trailer from yesterday is decent. Looks like an original idea that could turn out to be a worthy successor to Ico.
  4. neojedi

    Civilization VI

    Got free time? ;) The 10/21 release date is surprisingly soon when it seems most other major series get announced years in advance. Here's hoping this one isn't a turd like BE was.
  5. neojedi

    King of Fighters Online being remade into multiplayer online arena

    The MMO version of KOF which was announced years ago and turned out to be vaporware is now being reborn as an arena fighter. Pics and vids are here:
  6. neojedi

    'Robot price war' results in $23M book on Amazon

    For some reason, I find the technical description of this snafu absolutely fascinating. :) ----------------------- Amazon seller lists book at $23,698,655.93 -- plus shipping John D. Sutter By John D. Sutter...
  7. neojedi

    Secret Recipe for Coca Cola

    The secret recipe for Coke was uncovered by a radio program that realized that a 1979 newspaper article was accompanied by a picture of the original hand-written recipe. Now all we need is for someone to figure out KFC chicken. :) Reference...
  8. neojedi

    I'm going to have nightmares...

    Scroll to the very bottom of these auction pics. The way they ended up caught me by surprise and horrified me. Too bad it's too late for a Halloween post.
  9. neojedi

    Best Buy Compensating Victims of HD-DVD

    This is great... $10 million plus so that people don't blame Best Buy for their own bad choices. :)
  10. neojedi

    Folklore PS3

    Anyone else playing through this? I'm though the first couple chapters and it's a neat game so far. Kind of like a darker, more story-intensive version of Ys/Shining.
  11. neojedi

    Warriors Orochi... where does KOEI get these ideas? ;)

    Alright... let's see if any of you can recognize what could possibly have influenced the direction that Warriors Orochi for PS2 took vs a normal Dynasty Warriors title: - rather than being a regular storyline title, it is a dream match that combines characters from multiple storylines that...
  12. neojedi

    RIP Robert Jordan

    This is terrible news here. Not only does it leave the Wheel of Time unfinished, but I thought that 11 was the best book since 5, and was really looking forward to 12.
  13. neojedi

    K' on 19characterlimitsucks

    Cosplayers are nothing new, but I was surprised to see an SNK chararacter on Time's website. They even have a caption that mentions KOF. :),29307,1648077_1418555,00.html
  14. neojedi

    Don't know how I missed this...

    This is old news, but I've been lol'ing all morning at this... either it wasn't posted up or I just plain missed it when it was first reported. "Mommy, Daddy... aighhhhhhh!" :D Some of the other items in that...
  15. neojedi

    KOF soundtrack / media player question

    I noticed this while ripping tracks to use as bgms for Excite Truck... the KOF '96 arrange track names are not found by WMP, but KOF '97 arrange tracks autopopulate nicely. My question is if anyone knows what server/site the latest version of media player (11) is pulling the info from... the...
  16. neojedi

    Play-Asia's report on Wii's region lockout

    This is pulled from an Email... it's probably on their site somewhere. Edit: linkie ---- Region encoding - Freeloader/Action Replay compatibility To make it short, Nintendo Wii™ consoles and software are region encoded. We have tested a large variety of games from different publishers on our...
  17. neojedi

    So... XS has Raiden III?

    ...according to gamespot Mobile Light Force 3, bitches! :p
  18. neojedi

    Star Control sequel

    Internet petitions are a bullshit lie that have never helped accomplish anything at all in the history of the universe. That having been said, please represent if you're a Star Control fan. :p If not, either emulate the old stuff sometime, or try this link: freeware Star Control 2 for PC...
  19. neojedi

    WTB: jp Dreamcast console

    Looking for an import Dreamcast, please send me a PM if you are selling one.
  20. neojedi

    Stella Deus is pretty damn good

    It's a new tactics RPG ported over by Atlus, but didn't get much noise at all when it was released a few days ago. I put the game in the station for 1 min to check it out, and played for 10 hours. The thing is I'm not sure why it's so addictive... the gameplay system isn't (so far) as deep as...