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  1. mathieu4d

    Power spikes II

    Wow. Another guy that did play Power Spike 2. Wordwide, that mean we are at least 2. Amazing. A few years ago, I did a cocky&clumsy attempt at paying tribute to this game. See below, might come of help. Of note, i rarely succeed in doing thunder xD
  2. mathieu4d

    SSVS Final Version Loke test ?

    I havent been posting for a while, but this i can't resist… I'm much too hyped. edit: double thread, sorry for necrobump
  3. mathieu4d

    Ghostlop 20th anniversary AES

    @wyo & BB : thanks for your kind work. I'm a weakling, a smile is often enough to enlighten my day. @Ellert : they were in a previous stage of work. At some point tho, i removed everything that was not usefull to make sure things stays light, and not overloaded. I printed and compared both...
  4. mathieu4d

    Ghostlop 20th anniversary AES

    Hello lads. Ive been toying with this idea for a while. Ghostlop would have been 20 this year. Why not doing an overall rework of its packaging ? Well, rework. Nothing official exist. Thinking about what could snk have done about it. Something that suggest, something toyish in a way. But...