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  1. cannonball

    Who gets your account when you die?

    I was listening to the radio on the way in to work today and they just passed a law in my state (Delaware) that gives family members complete control of all online accounts and data when you die. What do you guys think? Should dead people have privacy concerns? Should we be keeping a hard...
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    hanging with my pal
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    ¡Apurar las copas!
  4. cannonball

    Ultra Street Fighter 4 (Fun SF2 facts on Page 2)

    2/10 - not enough links
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    help the chat is down.

  6. cannonball

    Darkstalkers Resurrection Roll Call

    Let's get a player list going here and start getting hyped up for the 12th/13th. PSN Ancient Flounder: AncientFlounder Cannonball: IronTiger81 Sazae: DeadJello Tron: MrNeoGeo YeldellGW: YeldellGW XBOX LIVE Darklighterx: Blue Mary X Fayk: Fayk FOMOCO&CO: FALKENzr HDRchampion: Baklakiller...
  7. cannonball

    Guild Wars 2 PvP

    Anyone playing Guild Wars 2? I'm on Fergouson's crossing server if anyone wants to get some structured PvP teams going for tournament play.
  8. cannonball

    Hard Reset Demo

    So, anyone else stoked about this game? The demo is available now on Steam and friends. I have high hopes for this one, and it's refreshing to see a FPS that doesn't have auto health regen. Seems like all of the newer FPS games let you heal back up to full miraculously after not being shot...
  9. cannonball

    ban clessy

    clessy not minding his own business on sales threads ban pls ;)
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    WTB: KoF 2002 MVS

    Looking for King of Fighters: 2002 for MVS.
  11. cannonball

    Have real doll, will travel from the article:
  12. cannonball

    Stewart/Colbert - Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive

    Rally to Restore Sanity March to Keep Fear Alive Who's goin? I might head down to DC since it's only a couple hour drive. Should be fun
  13. cannonball

    all about shooters is falling apart

    There's a table row border missing on the 4th to 5th post down and it's freaking me out.
  14. cannonball

    Machete red band trailer

    Hype is now through the roof
  15. cannonball

    Don't tase me bro! part 2: Wii edition
  16. cannonball

    Demon's Souls: PVP Discussion

    So, I know there are some old threads on the game but I'd like to get something going more geared towards PVP builds, strategy etc. Right now I'm working on a Faith based build with Large Sword of Moonlight as the main source of dmg. Most PVP is played at soul lvl 100-120 roughly. So I'm...
  17. cannonball

    FS: PS1/PS2/NDS/PC/DC games - Prices Reduced

    Prices include shipping in the US w/ delivery confirmation. Combine shipping for multiple games. Discount on bulk purchases. Dreamcast Games Soul Caliber - $8 Karous (import) - $45 Trigger Heart Excelica (Standard Edition Import) - $55 PS2 Games Chaos Wars - Brand new sealed - $15 Persona 4...
  18. cannonball

    Paypal questions...

    So, I'm getting ready to sell a bunch of shit and I currently only have a personal paypal account. What do people usually do? Go with premiere? I see people requesting money be sent as gift. Does that negate any paypal fees completely? I just want shit to go smooth. I have a ton of games...
  19. cannonball

    Lock payment_due in ZDTF and be done with it