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  1. lastcallhall

    F/S: Modded Systems - Sega Genesis, Sega Nomad, TurboExpress

    EDIT: I know the pic is blurry, I will update tonight with a better one. Hey all, I have the following systems for sale: (3) Sega Genesis model 1 systems with the following mods: -Component video mod -S-video mod -Rear stereo out mod -JP/US region mod* -Overclock...
  2. lastcallhall

    Japanese CDZ AC Adapter on US outlet

    Just picked up a Japanese CDZ, and it came with a 100V AC adapter. I don't remember the last CDZ (that I sold) using that adapter, and that it was OK with an american outlet. So, can I use this adapter on an American outlet, or do I need to get a converter, or a different AC adapter? Thanks!
  3. lastcallhall

    WTB: Neo Geo CD Model 2 laser Assembly

    Like, the whole assembly. Mounting plate, screws, lens, etc. LMK, along with price, thanks!
  4. lastcallhall

    FS/FO: Fully Modded Genesis 1 (VA6) and Modded Genesis 3 (VA2)

    Up for sale are two items, both modded Genesis systems. First up is a Fully modded Genesis Model 1, which has the following mods: -Component video out -S-video out -Composite video out -Stereo audio out -JP/US Region switch & widened cart slot -10MHz overclock -Halt switch -Red LED replacement...
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    FS: Turbo Express modded by Turbokon

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    Can anyone fix a broken 2 slot?

    I've consolized it for component video, but there's something going on with the RAM. I don't have the time to look at it - can someone do this for me? If so, how much? Thanks!
  8. lastcallhall

    Neo-Geo CMVS 2 slot video corruption - what am I looking at here? This is the same board I posted about a while back, only I have the component video issue fixed. Now I have this issue, and I'm hoping someone can tell me which chip is causing this. This is happening on both slots, and with multiple carts. Thanks!
  9. lastcallhall

    CMVS 2 slot video error

    Evening, all. A while back I purchased a MVS 2-slot that the seller said had a calendar issue. Thinking this would be an easy fix I bought the board. Well, some months later, I've decided to see if I could bring the board back to life. I replaced the D4990 chip and crystal, and performed the...
  10. lastcallhall

    Consolized 2 slot MVS - how do I wire up the game select switch?

    I tried wiring pins 26 (game up) and 28 (ground) on the slot connector to a momentary push button, but it does nothing. Anyone know how to do this?
  11. lastcallhall

    F/S: PCE/TurboDuo-R w/ Turbo ED, Avenue Pad 6, HE multiplayer adapter, SFII: CE

    As it is with all my items, I hate to let this one go, but I have no other option, it seems (well, aside from turning tricks in the bad part of town, and no one wants to see that). For sale I have a TurboDuo-R system in great condition, along with a Turbo Everdrive (w/ SD card), an Avenue pad 6...
  12. lastcallhall

    Garbage graphics on AES games upon boot fix?

    Hi all, I have two AES games at home, The Super Spy (U), and Art of Fighting (J). whenever I insert either of these games, I usually get a wall of garbage graphics unless I wiggle the cart in and out of the slot. This doesn't happen on any of my other games (I have about 10), so I'm pretty sure...
  13. lastcallhall

    WTB: Neobitz Component Converter

    Anyone have an extra for sale? I tried emailing the site owner, but I haven't received a response. Thanks!
  14. lastcallhall

    FS/FO: Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2 w/ P1 & P2 guns.

    SOLD. Thanks!
  15. lastcallhall

    Replcement 4990?

    Anyone know where I can buy a replacement 4990? I don't seem to be hitting many sites that offer it. Thanks! NVM, I think I found a lead...
  16. lastcallhall

    xxx-in-1 ROM question

    Does anyone know how they get all the roms onto one cart? Like, do they all just fit on a flash chip, or is there some sort of compression method used? I'm real curious about the ins and outs of this device. Thanks! :)