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  1. lolifoxgirl

    Neo bean stick mod: buttons to replace start and select?

    Yo neo, Getting my summer projects in gear, going to mod a neo bean stick. I am ditching the little pcb inside to go to real microswitch buttons, but I cant find anything small enough to fit the start and select holes. XX once told me about a button that would work but I have forgotten. Anyone...
  2. lolifoxgirl

    Happy birthday, doggfather!

    Got the notification that nobody had jumped on this? Your thread is here dude, happy birthday!
  3. lolifoxgirl

    HBD ninjainspandex!

    Happy birthday dude, thanks for those romsets.
  4. lolifoxgirl

    Happy Birthday Don(g)!

    For you, sir.
  5. lolifoxgirl

    FS: MVS collection

  6. lolifoxgirl

    portland retro gaming festival october 2016

    Anyone planning to be at this thing? I plan to go check it out on saturday, maybe hit ground kontrol after.
  7. lolifoxgirl

    KOF r-2 version 2?

    Yo handhelders. So there is a second version of this game? Anyone know what the deal is?
  8. lolifoxgirl

    Who else has gone back to consumer crts?

    Yo chatters. Have any of you stopped using pvms and converters and gone back to using consumer grade crts for your gaming needs? I have been reading more about people here doing this and was wondering if anyone wanted to weigh in on their experience. I personally stopped using my framemeister...
  9. lolifoxgirl

    Happy birthday Greedostick/beelzebub

    Where are your birthday threads at? Happy birthday dudes.
  10. lolifoxgirl

    WTB: wrestle war?

    Hey ng people. This is a slow burner, but does anyone have a spare board of this or one they just dont want anymore? Let me know, thanks for your time.
  11. lolifoxgirl

    Happy Birthday ballzdeepx!

    Birthday present for the man who has almost everything. Have a good one dude!
  12. lolifoxgirl

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Breakers is ace. I don't understand why other fighters go for more than it does. Here is my latest scoop.
  13. lolifoxgirl

    How much do you pay in rent?

    I was cruising craigs looking at prices, wondering what everyone else is paying. If you don't consider it to private, how much do you pay and what do you get for it? Do you think its too much or too little?
  14. lolifoxgirl

    Happy Birthday Bubz

    HBD dude, miss u.