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    dark arms and puzzle link 2 neo pocket color

    Hey guys, got 2 games up for grabs for the neo pocket color. Both games are complete and in great condition! Looking to keep sales within the u.s. Dark arms japanese version. $35 shipped Puzzle link us version. $30 shipped Both games have been sold for $60 shipped outside forums. thanks...
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    cr8zykuban0 update game room tour 2017 ^^^ link to the game room tour but if you rather see pictures, here there are! handhelds, ps1, dc, and import dc,ps1, and saturn Neo mvs, aes, tg16, pc engine and neo cd all my other games! neo 25 and pmv set up. 2nd pmv and sony crt set up...
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    Neo geo pocket color sports games bundle

    everything has been sold. thanks for looking!
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    U.S. aggressors of dark kombat neo geo aes

    Hey guys, im looking to sell my u.s. copy of aggressors of dark kombat on neo geo aes. Case, game and manual are in good shape. The insert is acceptable with minor wear on the top of the insert. Manual has a little bit of whitefading on the back but still looks good nonetheless. Cheapest one...
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    cr8zykuban0 update game room tour 2016

    Hey guys, sorry i haven't been too active here on the forums! Just been busy with work, life and of course, moving the game room to the new part of my house which used to be the garage. Still need to post up some posters i have but here is the tour and hope you guys enjoy...
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    feedback for mjmjr25

    Just wanted to thank mjmjr25 for this awesome transaction. Been wanting this mvs cart for quite some time now to complete the super sidekicks on mvs. Great price and works great! thank you again!
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    Update to the game room.

    just wanted to share with you guys a bit of an update on the game room. i know many of you guys will be asking, why another game room tour? The reason is that i was able to add some much needed new furniture, new tv and had to move the shelves to accommodate the new changes. This is the final...
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    thank you dspoonrt!

    just want to thank dspoonrt for the awesome deal we worked out on my ninja masters kit! glad i took it off ebay and worked on a deal to someone on the forums who would appreciate it. got 140 cash plus these 2 awesome games! thanks again bud!
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    feedback for jibbajaba.

    just wanted to thank jibbajaba for the awesome transaction we made with 2 mvs cart he sold me which were king of the monsters and 3 count bout. It came quickly in very nice shape and he included windygaming sleeves. thanks again for the awesome games and great price!
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    My 2015 game room tour!

    Hey guys, this is a video up an update for my new game room! Let me know what you think and hope you enjoy!
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    little vegas/henderson game night weekend!

    Hey guys, just wanted to show off some pics of an awesome little meet up some buddies and I were able to do at a fairly new game store this weekend. My buddies and I were able to establish a good relationship with the owners of the store and I gotta say, this is definitely how a game store...
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    thank you wyo_vr4

    Just wanted to take the time and to sincerely thank fellow member wyo_vr4 for the awesome transaction on some mvs games I purchased off him a week ago. They came quick and work great. Sure, they're not the best looking but were worth the money! thank you again wyo and thanks for sharing the...
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    WTB king of monsters 2 insert and manual

    just wondering if anyone happens to have an extra official insert and manual for king of the monsters 2 u.s.? I got the cart for free off a friend but would like to have an official insert and possibly a manual as well. Can anyone help out? any help is appreciated! thanks
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    La gente cubano/peruano?

    Saludos para la gente de la communidad de neo geo! Quiero saber si aye gente de peru o de cuba en los forums? Mi nombre dice crazy cubano pero estoy parte peruano de mi mama que es de barranco, lima. Saludos a todo los latinos en el neo geo community y que tengas un bien dia!
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    cr8zykuban0's neo aes,mvs,cd and pocket collection

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hi and to post my neo geo collection to show off what I have and to introduce myself to the neo forums. My name is Gabriel. I'm 23 years old, im from vegas, and I've been collecting neo geo for over 5 years now. I first played neo geo back in 99 when I was 8...
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    classic gaming expo 2014 las Vegas! !!!!

    anyone in the neo geo community that live in vegas or that will be attending classic gaming expo at the riveria hotel and casino from september 12-14th? just a little over 2 weeks away! cant wait! gotta rack up on mvs and neo cd games forsure