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    MP3 Players

    Tonight I was out and about and I managed to lose my iPod classic 160 so I'll probably want to get a new mp3 player. I'm not really looking for a new iPod, but rather another mp3 player because my original reason for keeping the iPod was to listen to music I bought off of iTunes when I got my...
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    Real Doll [used] $2000 U.S.

    Wow.... :lolz:
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    [FOUND] WTB: SVC Chaos

    I'm looking for a non-boot MVS cart of SVC chaos. I'm lookin' to spend around $60ish+shipping. Mostly wanting a Loose cart. Thanks.
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    If anybody has a copy of SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash (US Version) they're willing to let go of for a decent price send me a PM. I wouldn't mind either version but would really like it if was the SNK version. Thanks.
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    WTB- Jrok Sync Cleaner

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had a spare Jrok sync cleaner that they'd be willing to sell? If so send me a PM with price details. I know Jrok sells these personally but I've not had any luck contacting him......
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    NeoBitz and Home Consoles

    Does anyone have a list of home consoles that work with a NeoBitz outputting component (and possibly s-video)? So far I've heard of the TG-16/PCE TurboDuo Supergrafx AES (obviously...) working with it. I have read some stuff about the Genesis requiring some extra work to get it to work...
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    Old Style Joystick

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    VGA/RGB MVS Help

    Well I'm eventually wanting to consolize my 2-slot and I want to have it output to VGA. Now I know VGA is basically RGB so would it be possible to take the RGB+sync lines from the 2-slot and feed it directly to VGA? I know VGA has a H/V sync and from what I can tell the 2-slot only has 1 sync...
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    Lesser Known MVS Titles

    I just got a MVS recently and I'm making a list of games I want to get for it. So I was wondering if there were some lesser known MVS games that are kick ass that I should pick up?
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    (FOUND) WTB: Neo Joysticks

    I'm looking for either an old style or a hori neo joystick. If anyone has any they're willing to let go for a reasonable price please pm me. Thanks!