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    WTB: Neo Geo CD AC adapter ...

    I'm now the proud new owner of a Neo Geo CD. I now need the AC adapter to turn this sucker on. :) Anyone got any they can sell?
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    WTB: AES Power Button ..

    Recently purchased a USA AES console. It's in pretty rough shape, but I would prefer to restore this gem than let it go to waste! The only thing that it's missing is the power button! The actual switch is visible inside, but the plastic switch is gone! Does anyone 3D print these or got a...
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    CHEAP UVC on eBay!!! Buy before they're gone ..

    I know some of you have been looking for a UVC for YEARS, and these darn things are selling for almost $200 in recent years. So if you're interested in connect consoles to your standard res Arcade monitors, or VGA PCB's (Like Naomi) to standard res, here's your chance. Not my auction. Just...
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    OMG .. Cheap UVC back on eBay!

    The original UVC stock seller from a few years ago is back! The first 10 sold in an hour. The seller posted 10 more, and they were all snatched up. The seller just posted 10 more...
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    FS: NES HDMI (Kevtris) system ..

    I was sent an NES HDMI kit for evaluation purposes. I sent it out for some local individuals to review. I have decided to sell my review kit on eBay. My auction:
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    at the end of the rope with Toshiba monitor

    I recently acquired a Toshiba 29" true flat monitor (D29CQ56) as a replacement for my MS9-29A (want 31k support for Naomi). The chassis was filthy! So I discharged the anode, and used a mild cleaning solution and washed down the chassis. I let the chassis sit for 3 days and then use hair dryer...
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    Ng on iPhone...

    So am I the only one that visits ng on their iPhone? Holey shit why is posting messages on the iPhone slowed down to a crawl!? Apple haters need not reply.
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    WTB: Complete Sega Naomi setup ..

    Anyone got a complete Sega Naomi (1 or 2) setup they want to sell? I'm looking for: - system - JVS / JAMMA I/O / PSU - Audio Amp - Net Dimm PM. Thanks.
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    Using Neo geo cd Japan adapter in usa..

    Does anyone know if the snk POWCD-J power adapter will work in 110V? It says AC100V on input. I don't want to burn it out.
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    FS: Naomi 1/2 complete compact flash add on

    I'm selling my only spare Naomi CF add on. This is all you need to switch to using CF on your system! Here's what you get (pictures at end of post): - custom CF reader/writer - Naomi to CF SCSI cable - power cable to run CF off naomi pcb - null pic chip for your net dimm - 3 256mb cf cards with...
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    Interest check: Naomi CF adapter setup

    Is anyone interested in CF set ups for the Naomi? Here's what you're going to get: - CF adapter (made by me) - has LED lights that show you power and CF access. Also contains IDE connector that will allow you to connect to PC to read/write your own games! (I use mine on a MacBook in parallels)...
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    WTB: Naomi CF adapter

    Pm me with your goods.
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    Cheap UVC for sale..

    Not mine but very good price. Figured I'd help a fellow NG forum member.
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    Combating electrical noise inside an arcade machine .. What can I do?

    Background: Got a New Astro Cab that has been running MAME (via ArcadeVGA/JPAC). I recently acquired a Naomi 2 setup for more modern games. I decided to get both of them installed at the same time, and use 2 switchers to select what system should run (DB25 2-way switch for controls, and DB15...
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    LF Help: Upgrading Naomi Net Dimm firmware from 2.12 to newer ..

    I recently purchased a net dimm with 2.12 firmware. I'd like to get it upgraded to something more recent (3.x or even 4.x) but the only way to do it is via GD-ROM + Firmware update disc (which I don't have) Can anyone help out?
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    Is this Naomi PCB dead or am I doing something wrong?

    I recently purchased a Naomi 2 setup to add into my Sega New Astro City, which is currently running MAME using a JPAC .. Because of the PC, the onboard power supply is disabled, but I do use the JAMMA harness with the JPAC to feed the MS9-29A 15khz video and all joysticks/buttons connect via...
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    WTB: Ultracade uvc ..

    If you got one for sale, please PM me. Thanks.
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    FREE: SEGA Astro white top bazel ..

    Got new one to replace this one. Feel bad to throw it out. You pay actual shipping and it's yours (Paypal) Please note the crack, but no pieces missing. Should be easy to fix/paint.
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    WTB: SEGA 5380 key ..

    PM me if you got a spare for sell or know where I can buy one for a reasonable price.