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    give him a good whack, moe. finish the job
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    the growth is getting worse... melon-chan...
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    FS: *reduced* Neo Turf Masters MVS

    Shipping to USA and Canada only, PayPal only, I reserve the right to discriminate against buyers, DM me if interested in buying FS: Neo Turf Masters MVS, has original label and genuine boards, label has small tear at the rightmost serial number and some pencil writing on the left side by the...
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    Wanted MVS to AES adapter

    Pretty much just go by store rating and the item price, absolute lowest can be suspicious. You go with what looks like middle of the road. Time Harvest sells one of the older 161 yellow models, I'd say thats a safe bet. You could get a newer blue cart, newer...
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    Wanted MVS to AES adapter

    Just get a 161-in-1 MVS from AliExpress, that's 98 out of 148 official MVS releases right there.
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    FS MVS carts

    Daytonausa had this sale thread active on other forums (like AtariAge) and finished updating it there, all his MVS carts in this thread have been sold.
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    Solved, thanks (How to get hot glue out of a super Nintendo)

    Soak in isopropyl alcohol, disintegrates the grip of hot glue.
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    Official SNK Shock Box via Limited Run

    The cartridge tray still looks homecart shaped. The dugout for the finger grip along the back, plus the sloped shoulders left/right of where the label goes. Or at least, I'd be surprised if these were actually resized to fit MVS carts.
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    CXA1145 parts list for SMS Model II, PAL RGB system (171-5926-A)

    SMS II RGB - 171-5922A to 171-5926A aka 837-7275 CXA1145 circuit populate list Source schematic: Source board: a IC BD M4Jr VA1 171-5926-A (837-7275) board I have in person Notes: made this conversion...
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    top 10 neo geo games

    Metal Slug 2 Art of Fighting 2 Fatal Fury 2 Samurai Shodown 2 Last Blade 2 World Heroes 2 King of the Monsters 2 Puzzle Bobble 2 Sengoku 2 Aero Fighters 2
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    Shock Troopers- blood on Korean version?

    Nearly always the only changed chip in a Korean MVS game is the P1 ROM. If you're up for opening the game, just look at the PROG board and see what the P1 ROM says. Might have something like 223-P1K or something to that effect. The K here means Korea.
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    Microsoft expected to go multi platform

    The RROD scandal was one hell of a massive money pit for Microsoft. I don't think it takes a Silicon Valley business executive to see that Microsoft didn't really profit from that business venture. They won the battle with the PS3, lost money in the long run to do it.
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    Microsoft expected to go multi platform

    Yeah, the final Xenon CPU in the Xbox 360 is not a 1:1 PowerPC 950 aka PowerPC G5, it's a derivative with some changes. Like the GameCube, Wii and Wii U , their CPUs are not exact PowerPC 750 chips (aka PowerPC G3), they have some changes and differences.
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    Microsoft expected to go multi platform

    Sure, the OG Xbox was a Pentium 3 PC, the 360 was the total opposite of a PC, used a fancy custom PowerPC 950-like CPU. Curious that the PSWii360 were all PowerPC derivatives.
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    Why did SNK keep making 5v AES systems?

    It's two separate things, for the 1st gen NEO-AES board. Video cleaner daughter board: Step down converter board:
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    Why did SNK keep making 5v AES systems?

    My first thought is SNK still needed to sell overstock of 5V power adapters.
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    FS: *reduced* PS2 Silent Hills, Modded Sega Saturn white system bundle (region free, FRAM, modchip)

    Paypal only, USA and Canada shipping only, I reserve the right to discriminate, no trading at this time. DM me if interested in buying. FS: PS2 horror games - Silent Hill 2 CIB (black label) [disc in good shape] - $130 -> $120 USD shipped - Silent Hill 3 CIB (no soundtrack) [disc in good...
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    SOLD: loose KOF 98 AES (Japan)

    Paypal only, USA and Canada only, I reserve the right to discriminate. DM me if interested in buying. FS: King of Fighters 98 for Neo Geo AES, loose cartridge, Japan label, gamer condition (see label tears across the top). Has an indent scuff on the back. Works fine. $150 USD shipped to USA...
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    Kraut Buster AES JP & USA extreme graphics garbled glitched.

    Or be a real Big Tymer and own two homecart systems.
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    Neo Geo dev: videos and a book

    I really enjoyed that video on background animations, thanks for sharing. It's fun seeing how ADK designing the Neo Geo went to the effort of simplifying lots of the boring housekeeping stuff when it comes to coding for it. But then, I'm sure lots of arcade systems were doing that by the 90s...