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  1. c0nn0r

    Anyone still remembers now defunct Diehard Gamefan Club?

    I remember getting the catalogue that pre-dated the DieHard GameFan magazine when I ordered a SF2 OST from them. It got me drooling for the WonderMega and… Wonderdog. hahaha! Here is a PDF scan of that very first catalog which was issue #3. Apparently issue #1 only had one copy, and issue #2...
  2. c0nn0r

    Cyborg Force, new 2023 project

    Looks dope. Count me in
  3. c0nn0r

    FS:Sega Saturn ACTIVO CT-10 Hi-Res Player

    Oh wow! It's a high-end dedicated music player!
  4. c0nn0r

    SotM 2023 Hosting Signup

    I used to host a lot a few years ago. Some life/family issues cropped up - but hoping those are sorted in 2023, and that I can host again sometime in 2024. Hopefully I can at least participate in a SOTM here or there this year.
  5. c0nn0r

    April SOTM Vote

    Voting for 1943: Kai Has anyone put in the request to get the poll feature back on the board?
  6. c0nn0r

    SOTM January 2021 - Ghost Pilots and Fixeight

    c0nn0r - 383,300 - St 3 - MiSTer - N I like this game! It’s one of those slow-moving, challenging shooters along the lines of 1942. Yah, I get blown up a lot, but I always want to keep going. The sound is nice, as are the graphics. Is it my favourite shooter? No, but it is fun to play on Neo...
  7. c0nn0r

    SOTM November 2020: Zero Wing

    c0nn0r - 788,210 - MD - 7
  8. c0nn0r

    SOTM November 2020: Zero Wing

    c0nn0r - 511,030 - SGX - 5
  9. c0nn0r

    SOTM November 2020: Zero Wing

    Putting up some first attempts. PC Engine c0nn0r - 119,100 - 1 Mega Drive c0nn0r - 220,880 - 2
  10. c0nn0r

    SOTM November 2020: Zero Wing

    Arcade/MAME - Default DIP settings US Name - Score - Stage - Version - Auto 1. Chosen One - 778,810 - 7-20 - US PCB - Auto On 2. 3. 4. 5. Arcade/MAME - Default DIP settings JP Name - Score - Stage - Version - Auto 1. ShootTheCore - 476,370 - 5-18 - JP PCB - Auto On 2. NERDtendo - 45,750 -...
  11. c0nn0r

    SOTM November 2020 Voting Thread

    Three choices this month that we have never played for SOTM before. Tried to get an interesting mix to choose from. Aldynes by Hudson Soft (SuperGrafx, TurboGrafx-16 Mini, CoreGrafx Mini, PC Engine Mini, PSN) Chariot (Three Wonders) by Capcom (Arcade (MiSTer support), Saturn, PlayStation)...
  12. c0nn0r

    SOTM June 2020: Parodius Da!

  13. c0nn0r

    SOTM June 2020: Parodius Da!

    Super Famicom version also has a Caravan Mode called Omake!. Similar to the one on PC Engine, but a different experience. Posting my score on this as well: c0nn0r/308,100/Omake!
  14. c0nn0r

    SOTM June 2020: Parodius Da!

    The PC Engine version has a Special Mode (Caravan Mode - Score Attack) which is great if you don't have a lot of time to do a run of the full game - which can take a little while considering it's on the easy side of shooters. You get 3 lives on a single, special level. There are tonnes of...
  15. c0nn0r

    SOTM May - Darius Gaiden

    Playing this on my Switch despite having it for Saturn. I wanted to try this version from M2. Not bad, but prefer playing on Saturn with CRT. c0nn0r - 1,833,030 - ABDG - Switch - Y
  16. c0nn0r

    Going to Japan in April. Where to buy NeoGeo/retro stuff?

    I found some nice items (eg. Final Fight JPN CPS1) at G-Front in Akihabara. Prices were steep, but the selection was great. They had a bin of cheap MVS near the front door, and there was a Phantom-1 converter from !Arcade on the shelf :)
  17. c0nn0r

    Secret Santa 2019

    Finally had a chance to post some pics of bradtemple87's package (took a while for me to get him to bend over)... ;-) Pretty fucking stoked to watch me some Cowbow Bebop, and I'm drinking the Blind Pig as I type this! The PS4 game... SEALED no less! Guess this will come in handy when I get a...
  18. c0nn0r

    WTB: Just snagged an SSDS3 - Looking for SuperGrafx!

    As the title says gentlemen. I'm going whole-hog on this NEC setup. Probably my last real console purchase before I dip my balls in MiSTer. Wait, does that make me ghey? Looking for an unmodded SuperGrafx in decent condition. fuck - posted this in the wrong forum....
  19. c0nn0r

    SOTM November: M.U.S.H.A.

    OK, posting first score. As I mentioned. I've not really played this game before. 1st impression: it's easy! I got to level 4 or 5 om my first go. WARNING: You need to have your camera ready when you are about to die, because there is no high-score screen in this game! At least, not one that I...