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  1. massimiliano

    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    looks like a sand blasting station
  2. massimiliano

    Happy Birthday, Razoola

    Buon compleanno!
  3. massimiliano

    Happy Birthday Takumaji

    Buon Compleanno buddy!
  4. massimiliano


    omg even I posted in that thread asking wtf, what a mess
  5. massimiliano

    Xevious for the Neo Geo Beta 1 released!

    thanks for the hard work, I donated!
  6. massimiliano

    Tonight I started my new homebrew project...

    Great effort! keep up the good work!
  7. massimiliano

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!
  8. massimiliano

    CRT Fetish Thread

    curb alert, SF, Sunset, 19"ish, it has svideo
  9. massimiliano

    Dune trailer

    alright, alright, you got me... truth is, I indeed watched both Arrival and Annihilation at theaters (both back in Raleigh IIRC) nevertheless, I know there is still good in you guys, y'all just forgot.
  10. massimiliano

    Dune trailer

    chill out champ, being nice is not homo, and you react like I asked to not talk about stuff at all... nobody is trying to take away from you the first amendment (or likely in your case the second too) and if embedding a tag is too far from your typing skills, apologies, you may have bigger...
  11. massimiliano

    Samurai Shodown V Perfect/Final Edition extracted data

    ha! I think I know some of these guys? :)
  12. massimiliano

    Fatal Fury: King of Fighters The Definitive Soundtrack

    That's the illustration originally used for the ((slot-1/JAMMA) instructions and the MVS card.
  13. massimiliano

    Japan Post to stop shipping to anywhere but US, France and UK

    the article talks about incoming mail, while the Yamatoku notification says they won't accept outgoing mail?
  14. massimiliano

    [found] Twinkle Star Sprites, MVS Japanese loose cart

    Hi lads, as by title I'm looking for a loose JPN TSS cart :) doesn't have to be mint++ but neither missing parts of the label or major case please PM me, thanks!
  15. massimiliano

    [WTB] standard/Saturn Hitach SH2s (non-custom)

    hello, as by title, I'm looking for a few (2...4 maybe) standard SH2 CPUs, for a CPS3 project. are they available as NOS nowadays or the only way is taking it from a Saturn? thanks!