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  1. BeaglePuss

    WTT Project Egret 29 for any working Candy

    Hi gang, I posted in the price check thread recently regarding my Egret 29 acquisition, and I'm thinking of moving it sooner rather than later. I got it along with a Tommy pin that I'm almost done refurbishing. I'm thinking I could trade it in its current state for a fully functioning...
  2. BeaglePuss

    Blast City and X2 multi setup just outside Boston

    Dudes, I'm picking up another pin tomorrow, and I'm 100% out of room at this point. I haven't been playing the Blast, and having picked up an Egret 29 recently, I can't imagine it will see much action any time soon. I'll sell the Blast with the X2 mobo and multi card for $1,200. I think I...
  3. BeaglePuss

    Types of sticks for this mounting plate?

    Hi gang, I'm planning on trading the replacement CP on my project Egret 29 for an OG, and I need to know the types of sticks that the current mounting plate(s) accommodate. The cab did not come with sticks when I picked it up, and I don't want to trade the panel without knowing which sticks...
  4. BeaglePuss

    WTT Windjammers MVS for Motw MVS

    Hey dudes, I'm looking to trade my Windjammers MVS cart for a Motw MVS cart. I've seen a lot of WTB threads for WJ recently, and I've also noticed a spike in the price. I'm not having as much fun with the cart as a had in the past, so I'm looking to trade it for a game I've always wanted. I...
  5. BeaglePuss

    WTB Clean and affordable one slot

    The title says it all. I'm looking for a one slot board of any style. My only requirements are the board has to be clean, it needs to be reasonably priced, and it needs to be fully working. Shoot me a PM with your price shipped to 02472. Thanks! - BP
  6. BeaglePuss

    WTB Any CP that will fit a Super Neo 29

    Hello everyone, I've been secretly refurbishing a Super Neo 29 cab over the past month and a half or so, and the time has come to beg/grovel/plead for a control panel that will fit. When I purchased the cab it had a Blast City panel sloppily bolted in, and it clearly doesn't fit. Having...
  7. BeaglePuss

    Great condition Egret II for sale (Boston)

    Hello great members of Neo Geo! Today I offer up the chance to purchase an excellent condition Egret 2 cab, located in the North East of the US. Before I go into the sale, I do have some fine print: - This cab is for local pick-up only. I have had inquires that require me shipping the cab...
  8. BeaglePuss

    Awesome MVS cart/mobo bundle $100 shipped!

    I'll cut to the chase with as little bullshit as possible: I want these gone! The Bad: The mobo is missing two pcb feet, and the labels on both carts are haggard. The Good: The mobo works, the carts are legit, and everything plays just as it should. The games (Metal Slug and Aero Fighters 2)...
  9. BeaglePuss

    WTB: Two 24 mm start buttons

    I'm finishing a stick and realized I didn't have any start buttons. I'm hoping to pick up two 24 mm buttons. I'm hoping to get white, but as long as they're the same color I'll likely grab them. They can be new, used, Sanwa, Seimitsu, I don't care. I'm not much of a snob when it comes to...
  10. BeaglePuss

    MVS mobo + MS and AF2

    I'll save you all the song and dance, and cut right to the chase: Both labels are an eyesore, but they play perfect and they're boot-free. The mobo was also tested working. It is missing the front two PCB feet, but that's about it. Looking for $125 shipped on the lot, but there's room to...
  11. BeaglePuss

    CPSII sale (Alpha 2)

    Hello Neo friends, I have a fully tested and working Alpha 2 A+B CPSII combo for sale, as well as a non-working Alpha A board. The Alpha 2 board is fully working, but it does have the original battery present. I would recommend that the new owner either change the battery or go the Phoenix...
  12. BeaglePuss

    Two non-working JAMMACast FS

    I had the past two days off due to the recent storm, so I've been spending my time purging some games from my collection. Up for sale here are two non-working JammaCast. The first one should look familiar was it's an Aluisi style JC. It worked fine when I first received it, but then some of...
  13. BeaglePuss

    WTB: Outback Joey and Heartbeat Trainer Sega Genesis

    I've posted this in a few places now, so I'm really hoping someone can help me out. Title says it all. If you have one and are willing to sell, I'm interested in buying. Also looking for the loose cart to a much lesser extent. I have cash (and plenty of it), but also have rare items for trade...
  14. BeaglePuss

    Official Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Championships Repro

    Well, the time has come for Mark and I to take the leap into the next generation of video game reproductions. It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our first Sega Genesis reproduction, The Blockbuster Video Game World Championship II! As many of you know Mark and I have done...
  15. BeaglePuss

    FREE Aero Table Project

    Title says it all. I've wasted too much time and money already, and now I just want this shit gone. I don't have any pics but could snap some later in the week. I'm located just outside of Boston, and I have an extremely flexible schedule. I can meet-up just about any time. I'm not...
  16. BeaglePuss

    Can anyone here read Japanese?

    I just need a quick favor from a Japanese (and by Japanese I really mean Chinese) speaking forum member. I need help reading the label on this prototype SFC cart: If you can tell me what it says, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! - BP
  17. BeaglePuss

    NOS SDB Kit, priced to move. Cheapest you'll find.

    Sold to Pro_Gear!
  18. BeaglePuss

    Send me to Vegas sale: ESP Ra.De and Alpha 2!

    Hello everyone. I've taken some time off from selling, but I've decided to jump back in the mix due to an upcoming trip to Vegas. I plan on getting rid of some Jamma stuff first, and then hopefully revisit my MVS sale. What I have today: ESP Ra.De. I believe it to be the Japanese version...
  19. BeaglePuss

    IC Yellow Mini Cute

    I've really decided to get back to my gaming roots. The Egret 29 left yesterday, and now it's time for the Mini to go. My E2 covers all of my gaming needs and the Mini just doesn't see the kind of play that it deserves. It's currently running ESPRade, and the cab makes for an excellent...
  20. BeaglePuss

    Kitty's Catch for the NES FS Thread

    As some of you know, my brother and I are avid collectors of NES prototypes. In order to fund our expensive hobby we sell reproduction carts for choice unreleased games. Some may remember our first release "Hoppin' Mad." The sale went extremely well and helped fund our newest release "Kitty's...