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  1. T.A.P.

    TV Time

    For whatever reason, I've felt like watching the X-Files again. I watched a good chunk of the early seasons when they aired, but apparently tuned out sometime around season 4 or 5. I know people said the show got really bad in the later years, and I'm wondering if there's any good solid spot...
  2. T.A.P.

    Shitty Third Party Controllers

    How many of you always got stuck with these growing up because you're parents wanted to save $5? I swear, N64 had the shittiest of all the 3rd party garbage.
  3. T.A.P.

    Couple Genesis inserts

    I submitted these to the Video Game Cover project a long time ago, but I don't think they ever put them up. Thought maybe someone here might have a use for them. Phantasy Star 4: It's the retail version, but without all those shitty creases in the cardboard insert. Shining Force 2: If...
  4. T.A.P.

    Can anyone recommend a good person/place to print some inserts?

    I want to print some inserts for a few of my Genesis/32X carts.
  5. T.A.P.

    What are the worst games you played last generation?

    By last generation, I mean PS3/360 /Wii.
  6. T.A.P.

    I think I should be made a mod.

    I promise to dole out punishments for petty personal slights and restrict access to members who show disloyalty and cheat on us by going to other, hussier websites.
  7. T.A.P.

    Crappy canceled TV shows

    I remember watching a lot of crappy shows in the 90s. They seemed to show up once or twice (usually before X-Files), get pre-empted by football, and then disappear into the ether, never to be heard from again. These ones came to mind: M.A.N.T.I.S. Nowhere Man Space: Above and Beyond Space...
  8. T.A.P.

    IC/FS: Bunch of HBO shows on Blu-Ray

    I've got some big bills coming up and I may need to sell off a bunch of blu-ray sets. All of them have been opened but never watched (with the exception of BE season 5). Prices would include shipping. Anyone interested in any of these, if I end up needing to sell them? Boardwalk Empire Seasons...
  9. T.A.P.

    More ebay bitching

    What is it with assholes not including the break-away cables for Xbox controllers? What the fuck? How often did morons lose those things?
  10. T.A.P.

    Meijer is having a buy 1 get 1 free sale on most PS4 games

    I was thinking of getting Mine Craft, but that's the only thing they have I'm still interested in. Anybody else want a copy? After shipping it would probably be about $15, so you'd still save some cash.
  11. T.A.P.

    Looking for Laserdisc Repair Service

    I'm trying to get my Pioneer LD-717 player fixed. I tried getting it repaired locally, but they said they couldn't get the part to fix it (apparently it has something to do with the laser assembly). I tried contacting Kurtis Bahr, and he said the model was too old for him to do anything with...
  12. T.A.P.

    So work got rid of all the full-time people in my department

    The only people left now are me (a part-timer) and this other dude that started like month ago and is never on time.
  13. T.A.P.

    Getting rid of smoker smell?

    I've gotten a few video game components recently (controllers, cables) off of eBay that reek of cigarettes. I didn't think it would bother me at first, but it's become a really big distraction. Is there an easy way to get rid of that odor?
  14. T.A.P.

    Did Metal Slug 3 on PS2 have the bonus minigames?

    Because I'm tired of trying to unlock them on that bullshit Xbox port.
  15. T.A.P.

    A troublesome eBay transaction

    I won an auction a little over a week ago. It was for an item that usually only shows up as BIN's (usually for $40 or more). I won it for $10. I sent payment the day I won it, and since then I haven't heard anything from the seller or gotten any kind of notification that he's even printed a...
  16. T.A.P.

    Jaguar CD Trouble

    Will a Sega CD AC adapter work with a Jaguar CD? My brother can't find his original plugs for his Jag CD.
  17. T.A.P.

    So is all 16-bit era stuff just retarded expensive now?

    I'm seeing crappy prices for Jaguar and 32X stuff now.
  18. T.A.P.

    How often do people get your name wrong?

    I routinely get people saying or spelling my name wrong, even after they've seen/heard it. I never realized "Taylor" was such a befuddling name. This shit happen to anyone else?
  19. T.A.P.

    Anybody know where you can get a bulk discount on hard drives?

    Looking to do a lot of archiving and data back up and would love to get a deal on multiple hard drives (ideally something 5tb or bigger per drive).
  20. T.A.P.

    Game Demos that give you something extra

    It seems like every so often a game demo gives you something special when you start up the actual game. Anybody know what ones do something like that?