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  1. SolidSnakeII

    Metal Slug 5 Japanese AES Cart on eBay

    :-J Here is the link.
  2. SolidSnakeII

    Just go back from Japan and im selling lots of Neo Geo AES and CD goodies!!

    Check them out. Lots more coming later this week.:multi_co:
  3. SolidSnakeII

    Looking for Garou Mark of the Wolfes JPN !!

    Really want this game. Only prefer japanese because its cheaper. Please let me know whats the lowest price you are willing to part with it. Thank you ahead of time.
  4. SolidSnakeII

    Looking for a Metal Slug 1 AES Conversion!!

    English or Japanese but insert and sticker must look almost like the original.:glee:
  5. SolidSnakeII

    AES MVS and CD Stuff for sale!!

    Check it out!! Don't be shy!!
  6. SolidSnakeII

    HELP!! How much is this stuff worth.

    I just got back from japan with all this stuff and would like to sell it. Could someone indicate approximately how much this stuff is worth. Appreciate the help. Everything is Japanese version. Neo Geo CD Top Loading system Mint in the box with 2 controllers, hook ups and with manuals. Looks...
  7. SolidSnakeII

    Neo Geo AES and CD Systems and other stuff.

    I have the following PM or email an offer if you like. Im in Los Angeles area if interested. I have the following. Everything is Japanese version. Neo Geo CD Top Loading system Mint in the box with 2 controllers, hook ups and with manuals. Looks New. Neo Geo AES System with new style stick...
  8. SolidSnakeII

    Proposed Gathering for S CAL.

    Im thinking of putting a gathering together at Neo-g-trons from the forums place. He lives in downey CA. And has turned his 2 bedroom apartment into a arcade pretty much, so its perfect. Im shooting for MID OCTOBER please let me know if you are interest as if i do this i want to make sure i...
  9. SolidSnakeII

    JAP AES Neo Geo System.

    Japanese Aes Neo Geo Cart System. No mods. In Excellent condition. System with hookups and 1 controller. Serial 334468. Offers Please!!!!!!!!! I Would love to trade also!!!!!!! :buttrock:
  10. SolidSnakeII

    US Capcom vs Snk for dreamcast

    Selling a US copy of capcom vs snk for dreamcast NEW never opened. PM or post offers please!!!!!!! :glee:
  11. SolidSnakeII

    Looking for Monster Maulers PCB

    Someone PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
  12. SolidSnakeII

    Selling US AES Samurai Shodown 5

    Its Mint except for the snap lock case wich is very good. MAKE ME AN OFFER PLEASE. BUYYYYYYYYY
  13. SolidSnakeII

    Wanted AES KOF 97 Cheap!!!!

    Please reply or pm.
  14. SolidSnakeII

    snk vs capcom chaos comic book.

    Ive been looking around for it and cant find it anywone know where I could pick up volume one as its been out for a month now. Any retailers in LA please!!!
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  16. SolidSnakeII

    KOF 2004 Promotion flyer.

  17. SolidSnakeII

    Jap Power supply and aes in the US.

    The other day I was playing and it freaked out with statick noise so im wondering if it will be affected long term. Its Neo pow 3 input: AC100v 50/60Hz 19VA output: DC10v 1000mA Can someone tell me if it is 100percent safe to use in our sockets here in the US. As its a brand new neo and im...
  18. SolidSnakeII

    Joypad converter question.

    I recently got a joypad converter to play a playstation controler on a neo AES and im using the PS SVC Chaos controller wich by the way is a excellent controller. But since ive had it my neo has freaked out a couple of times I got a statik noise and the screen flipped the I put another game in...
  19. SolidSnakeII

    Looking for JAPANESE AES.

    I has to be in very good condition and you must live in CALIFORNIA.
  20. SolidSnakeII

    Why dosent a jap bios work on a english AES??

    I had a jap AES and changed the bios for a debug and sold it. Now I thought I could use that bios on my us system to get blood but wont work.. Why is this??? I guess ill just have to wait for a stock of debug bios.... Which should work. And yes i swicth it back to the american bios and works...