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  1. twalden

    Happy Birthday, twalden

    Thanks everyone. I'm still here lurking the shit out of this place. I should probably post more.
  2. twalden

    SOLD: Turbo Everdrive

    SOLD - $60 shipped in the US. Version 1.2. Can be used on PCE or TG16 systems. Comes with a 1GB Micro SD card filled with goodies.
  3. twalden

    FS: A few loose MVS carts

    All original, no boots. Prices include shipping in the US. Thanks! $35 - Samurai Shodown 2 (original label) SOLD $60 - Last Blade (repro label) SOLD $45 - Real Bout Special (original label) SOLD $65 - Aero Fighters 3 (repro label) SOLD $55 - Real Bout 2 (repro label)
  4. twalden

    SOLD: Capcom Impress Cabinet - Denver, CO Area

    $500 - pickup only from 80602 - Brighton, CO. *** SOLD *** Moving in a few weeks and this cabinet unfortunately will not fit in my new gameroom. So I need to get rid of it ASAP. It's not the prettiest cosmetically, but is fully functional and a joy to game on. Both sides have cracks in them as...
  5. twalden

    FS: Mars Matrix CPS2 + New Zealand Story PCB

    Price includes shipping in the US. International will be more. $175 - Mars Matrix 100% working and original Japanese B board. Board suicided and was Phoenixed by Razoola years ago. Label is still in great shape as well as the case. SOLD $225 - New Zealand Story PCB Fully working. Very clean...
  6. twalden

    FS: A Few MVS Carts With Original Labels - New Stuff Added

    All original and working. No boots. Prices include shipping in the US. International will be more. $130 - Alpha Mission 2 full kit with Shockbox $45 - Real Bout Fatal Fury Special $30 - Samurai Shodown 2 SOLD - $50 - Real Bout Fatal Fury SOLD - $70 - Metal Slug 3 - Scratched off serials SOLD...
  7. twalden

    FS: A Few Atomiswave Carts

    All original and working. No boots. Prices include shipping in the US. International will be more. SOLD $95 - Neo Geo Battle Coliseum SOLD $95 - Rumble Fish SOLD $40 - KOF Neowave
  8. twalden

    SOLD: UN Squadron CPS1 PCB

    SOLD!!!! $150 shipped in the US - UN Squadron CPS1 PCB Board is fully working. A little dusty, but in great condition. Bottom A board is pretty flat. Warping is minimal.
  9. twalden


    FS: SD2SNES - $120 shipped in the US - SOLD. Got this from Todd's group buy a few years back. It is an official Krikzz cart. Comes with a 4gb Sandisk SDHC card full of goodies.
  10. twalden

    SOTM January 2018: Gunlock/RayForce - Galactic Attack/Layer Section

    twalden - 2,056,900 - Area 5 - PCB 5th stage boss death. His spread shot is a pain to dodge with such a large ass hitbox.
  11. twalden

    FS: A Few PGM Carts

    Prices include shipping in the US. $50 - Knights of Valour - Hong Kong V1.0 $60 - Oriental Legend Super - Taiwan V1.0
  12. twalden

    SOLD: B-Rap Boys PCB

    Board has been SOLD! I believe this is the world version. Comes with an original flyer, manual copy, and the player 3 harness. Best soundtrack ever in a beat 'em up. Word!
  13. twalden

    SOLD: PCBs - Metal Black, Gunbird

    Time to let a few more PCBs go to a new home. All boards are working 100% Prices include shipping in the US. I will ship to Canada as well - shipping will be a bit more. SOLD!! Metal Black (Japanese version) - $165 SOLD!! Gunbird (Korean version) - $75 JAMMA edge connector has been...
  14. twalden

    SOLD: Dungeons and Dragons SOM B board

    SOLD!!!!!! $170 shipped in the US - Dungeons and Dragons Shadow Over Mystara Green Japanese B board only. Label and plastic case are in great shape. Battery was changed by me in 2010 - should probably be changed again in the next few years.
  15. twalden

    MV1B battery options

    I've searched everywhere, but it seems that all options, links are outdated now. Is there a coin battery holder or non-rechargeable battery with the correct leg spacing to fit this board available anywhere?
  16. twalden

    FS: PCBs - Metal Black

    Been hoarding PCBs for far too long. Time to let a few go. Probably will post a few more later this week. All boards working 100% Prices include shipping in the US. I will ship to Canada as well - shipping will be a bit more. Metal Black (Japan version) - $165 Metal Black...
  17. twalden

    FS: TurboGrafx 16 games

    Games are complete with case, manual, and HuCard sleeve. The cases have the usual wear and sticker scratching. They are all crack free. Prices include shipping in the US. $20 - Legendary Axe $18 - JJ and Jeff $15 - Pacland $25 - Ninja Spirit - manual has light moisture damage - a little wrinkly...
  18. twalden

    ON HOLD: Neo Drift Out CD

    $120 Shipped - spine card is MIA. Manual and case are in great shape. Case has the embossed Neo logo. CD has a lot of scratches on the clear center ring - the original owner must have had bad hand-eye coordination :lolz: The rest of disc is good, with only minor scratching. Currently on hold.
  19. twalden

    FS: MVU-4 Candy cab in Denver - SOLD!

    CAB IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD!!!! Hate to let this one go, but I need to make room. I bought this cab from Ken at The Gameroom back in 2008. Got to pick this one out from the dozens he had - so it's it real nice condition. Very minimal scratches and dings. Comes with 4 slot board w/Unibios - no...
  20. twalden

    SOLD: Eco Fighters CPS2 board

    Blue phoenixed US B board. Fully working. The original label was in pretty bad shape and was replaced with a repro label. My graphic design skills are pretty weak, but the label turned out ok:keke: A few scratches, but in decent condition overall - $110 shipped in the US. Board has been SOLD!