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  1. l2yan00

    Ryan's 4 Sale Thread - Currently: Wii, GBA, GC, DC, PS1, PCE - RPGs. Fighters, More! RARE!

    Hi! I have been gone for a while but I will be posting a good amount of quality items here in the coming weeks so please continue to check back for new items! All pictures can be viewed in detail here: Shipping is $6...
  2. l2yan00

    FS: BlazingStar + LOT - MS2, Ninja Commando, SS1, SS2, Baseball, WH, Puzzle Bobble + More!

    FREE USPS priority shipping - US Ony - PayPal Gifted preferred or please add 4%, I will ship immediately and provide tracking information.If you have any questions just let me know Thanks! $225 SHIPPED Blazing Star - $120 SHIPPED
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    FS: Naomi Stuff - Net Dimm, MOBO, Zombie, Tennis, WWF, CAPCOM VS SNK

    All items are free USPS priority shipping - US Ony - PayPal Gifted preferred or please add 4%, I will ship immediately and provide tracking information.If you have any questions just let me know Thanks! Motherboard - $85 Net Dimm 3.17 - $180 Zombies Revenge - $40 Virtua Tennis - $40...
  6. l2yan00

    FS: Arcade Leftovers

    Everything l left is pictured some side notes. all carts are non boots except puzzle bobble. Aero fighters has no sound but will come with all artwork and mm. everything is tested working. Also have: 2 mvs mobos (1 slots) marvel vs street fighter cps2 (hispanic) - no case - battery...
  7. l2yan00

    FS: High Ticket Items (PDS, LT, Duo Monitor, Gunlord, P Solar + More)

    FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING WITH TRACKING USPS ONLY - PP GIFTED (or add fees) Ive been gone for a minute but my feedback is solid. This is the first list of many to come. Once this stuff moves i'll list alot more equally delicious items. Oh yea no trades, low ballers, etc... If you are looking...
  8. l2yan00

    Price Check: Buck Hunter Atomiswave Setup- Please Help

    Can someone give me a price idea on the following: Atomiswave Mobo Extreme Hunting 2 Shotguns Gun IO Board
  9. l2yan00

    IC: US Cotton - Turbo Duo

  10. l2yan00

    WTB: CPS3 - Dead 3s Cart

    does anyone have one? I just need the cart. I also could use a 128 simm
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    FS: Fat PS3 160GB Loaded with Games

    $220 Shipped - Paypal Gift or add 4% its got about 15 downloaded ps3 games and a few ps1 on it. Does not play ps2 games. Comes with 1 controller and system. Ill get a list of games that i have on it and some pics if anyone is interested in this. Condition is just like any other PS3. Never...
  13. l2yan00

    FS: My Crazy Rare And Amazing For Sale Thread! ALL RARE TITLES!

    this is the most painful for sales thread i ever hit submit on. These better go to a good home man! All the money is going towards a good cause. If you don't like my prices i'm really sorry but i wont budge a single dollar. Prices are very firm and offers will be ignored.... sorry! prices don't...
  14. l2yan00

    FS: NJ - Neo Geo US 4 Slot Cabinet - $275

    Price: $275 Cash - Pick Up Only, Located in Northern NJ - 07013 The cab was repainted. Sides were sanded down to remove the plastic vinyl in order for paint to stick. As a result there are alot of grooves on the side from the sander. This could be repaired by some resanding and repainting if...
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    FS: sold

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    FS: Dreamcast Bundles

    Prices are shipped... Paypal Gift or please add 4%. US Priority With Tracking, USA Only Dreamcast Bundle - 75 Shipped Discs have minor scratches but are overall in nice condition. 12 Import Lot - 75 Shipped All games are in great condition. 2 are sealed Giga Wing US - 30 Shipped Disc is...
  17. l2yan00

    Whats it Worth? Famicom + Disk System Complete + Minty

    new belt installed, missing ac adapter for disk system (dont think it ever came with one) , famicom is yellowed. what would this sell for? thanks!
  18. l2yan00

    FS: Naomi - Zero Gunner 2

    100% Working Nice condition. Zero Gunner 2 - $275 Shipped. Firm. ----------------- will trade for: Jamma ESP.rade, Batrider, Feveron, other cave / raizing shmups STV Terra Diver, Shienryu, Radiant Silvergun Priority With Tracking US Only - Gift or add fees please. Thanks!
  19. l2yan00

    Help Me Find: Sigma Raijin Full Harness

    I need this. including the edge and jamma conenctors all wired up and ready to go. the one i have currently is to short and i dont wanna wire it up myself. Thanks!