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  1. LameKat

    Looking for advice on an AW/MVS CP layout

    After recently acquiring an AW board, I've ordered a new Jamma plus harness for my 4-slot to add the 5th button. I've done a lot of digging for the button layouts for the different games, it appears there are two different 5 button configurations (with some confusing debate as to the lettering...
  2. LameKat

    !Arcade! modded AES S-video fix

    Trying to find a thread I saw awhile back, not having any luck. I've got an !Arcade! modded AES with stereo and S-video that has kind of a crappy picture, need the thread with the fix. Thanks.
  3. LameKat

    LA PAC-S10 question See post #4

    I've started my first re-cap of a Sega PAC for my LA. Did the the sub board first, tested it before I was to go on to the main board and I got my first lessons in surface mount caps. Take your time and clean everything! The picture is now very dim. So I'm take another run at the sub board (very...
  4. LameKat

    WTB/WTTF Laseractive Games and remote

    PAC found, looking for games and remote.
  5. LameKat

    Interest check: Lego mind storms Ntx 2.0

    Everything but the box, built one robot got about half way through programming and haven't had the time to mess with it in over a year. Can post pics tomorrow, clean, complete other than the box, $220 shipped in the lower 48.
  6. LameKat

    FS GBA Nnja 5-0 and Astro boy

    Shipping included to the lower 48, Paypal only. Carts have very light insertion marks. Great shape cart only $65 Complete and near mint (some of the paperwork has minor wrinkling, should flatten out) $25
  7. LameKat

    Price check, GBA Ninja 5-0

    What's a realistic price for a loose copy in great shape?
  8. LameKat

    WTB Super CD Rom2

    Cosmetic condition and box not important. Just looking to play. Would prefer one that has recently been capped or with new laser, but any reliable one would do.
  9. LameKat

    PC Engine CoreGrafx & Games bundle

    Would like to sell as a package for $105 shipped to the lower 48 states, LMK if the price is too far out of whack. Here's what you get: CoreGrafx system works great in good condition with 1 controller, power supply and hook ups (I believe the ps and cable are after markets). World Stadium...
  10. LameKat

    Back Surgery, Amazing!

    I had a Herniated Disk operated on 2 days ago, I just went for a 20 min. walk around the neighborhood. Modern medicine is quite amazing. I've heard so many horror stories from older folks about how these procedures were done years ago that I thought I'd be layed up for some time. Just thought...
  11. LameKat

    Has anyone had delays shipping to Canada lately?

    Sent out an item on 6/13 to Canada, custom receipt was scanned in NY on 6/14 and the trail ends there. Being that it is now 7/6, I'm getting concerned.
  12. LameKat

    How long does it usually take to get admin. approval over there for an account?
  13. LameKat

    LameKat's Sega thread

    Going through my closet and trying to clear out. I'll be listing and updating as thing sell. PayPal only, if I've included shipping it is only to the lower 48 states. Round 1: Mega drive package: Mega drive converter Spellcaster 2 (mystic defender) Assault suit Leynos Sold to Timorous Scott...
  14. LameKat

    Turbografx cd not working

    Bought this non-working unit awhile ago, just getting around to messing with it. When I put in a system card (have tried different ones) and a cd and power up the base and console, a start up screen appears. When I press run, the screen reads "just a moment..." and nothing further happens. I've...
  15. LameKat

    FS: ST-V, Soul Edge Double Dragon

    PayPal only. Prices do not include shipping but may be combined my other selling threads in Everything else and Neo selling. ST-V: Mobo w/ Dual Bios, US Bios and copied manual $80 Each cart comes with a modifyable case Colums 97 $20 Die...
  16. LameKat

    FS: MVS and mooks

    Paypal only, prices do not include shipping, will combine on multiple items from this or other selling threads (everything else & ZDTF coming soon) MVS: AOF3 w/insert Sold Super siderkicks 3 $15 MS4 BOOT w/ fake MM $25 SpinMaster Glitchy BOOT $10...
  17. LameKat

    FS: PS3/PSP/Games, Blu-Ray, Pandora Batt. & Memory stick

    Paypal only, prices do not include shipping, will bundle shipping costs for multiple buys or items bought in my other threads in ZDTF and Neo selling. Most game cases are little rough unless otherwise noted. PM with interest. Pandora Battery for fat PSP w/2GB memory stick $20 PSP Games: Syphon...
  18. LameKat

    Suggestions on how to fuck with my Craigslist scammer.

    I'm selling a RUG on CL and after a few e-mails I get this responce: Ok i will like to proceed with the transaction asap and my mode of payment will be via bank check drawn on my bank as there are too many scams on internet with bogus money orders and paypal payment,the furniture will be...
  19. LameKat

    Real Doll [used] $2000 U.S.

    I'm sad to see this thread come to an end, who would have thought "Everything Else" would become more entertaining than the War Room.
  20. LameKat

    Real Doll [used] $2000 U.S.

    Region should not be an issue, she's socketed.