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  1. Nesagwa

    Sonic Generations

    His0vlVQXRU tV1Osnkr5Nc Wuj-6T_ymqg Sonic Colors was supposed to be pretty good and this certainly looks better than 4 could ever hope to be.
  2. Nesagwa

    Borderlands (PC)

    Does anyone want to play this with me? I'm around level 15 right now.
  3. Nesagwa

    Tomorrow is April 1st

    What hilarious April Fools pranks will the game journalists pull this year? Only time will tell, but one things for sure, they are definitely going to be original, off the wall ideas!
  4. Nesagwa

    One step closer to OCP
  5. Nesagwa

    So Killzone 3

    Spoilers and shit. I know the Hellgast are supposed to be this big bad military dictatorship type deal with aims to destroy earth or something, but at the end of the game you basically end up pulling a Genesis on the planet and killing every living thing on the surface and just kind of play it...
  6. Nesagwa

    Final launch of the space shuttle Discovery today HD broadcast: (open in VLC) Final launch of Discovery is today. Launch time is 4:50pm EST.
  7. Nesagwa

    Anyone get their federal tax refund yet?

    I know they pushed everything back two weeks, but it still seems like its taking a really long time. IRS site is no real help and the "find my refund" tool doesn't seem to work. Bleh. EDIT: Nevermind, apparently the IRS rejected my PIN number that they fucking gave me and neither they or...
  8. Nesagwa

    Any decent single pc Co-Op PC games?

    No Lan or Online stuff, just single computer play. I know Kane & Lynch does this, but who wants to play that? I know Resident Evil 5 does this also.
  9. Nesagwa

    Updating custom firmware on PSP-1001

    I have my old 1001 model PSP running Dark Alex's 5.00 M-33 etc. firmware. Are there any upgrades past this worth even looking at?
  10. Nesagwa

    Just ban Keep Clear

    Having two accounts and spamming is usually an instant ban.
  11. Nesagwa

    James Earl Jones Reads the Bible

    Yes, this came out 10 years ago, but does anyone know where I can download a copy?
  12. Nesagwa

    It begins: Pete Postlethwaite dead at 63
  13. Nesagwa

    Emergency Sale: Softmodded Wii, Bunch of games

    My unemployment unexpectedly ran out and I might be missing some bills at the end of the week. So, Softmodded Wii (White) - Fairly up to date cIOS, Mostly set up for Netflix and running games from a USB drive. 2 Remotes (White) & 2 Nunchucks (White) Component cables (3rd party) Nyko wireless...
  14. Nesagwa

    Temp Ban Me

    Can one of the mods temp ban me from the site until the 11th? I have finals and a lot of stuff to get finished this coming week and I need to limit my distractions. EDIT: Make it so I can't even read the forums if you can.
  15. Nesagwa

    Maybe it would be a good idea for mods to run with sigs turned on
  16. Nesagwa

    Age of Empires III Complete - 10 cents (or 10 MS Points) on Games for Windows Live Store You can pay with your MS points if you login with your live ID, so if you have an odd amount just sitting around, hey, free game basically. Love this fucking game.
  17. Nesagwa

    Childsplay 2010

    Dunno if anyone's going to start a donation pool for this site this year, but CheapAssGamer is doing a thing where for every follower on twitter they receive, they give $0.25.
  18. Nesagwa

    Movember - Chairty Event for Prostate & Testicular Cancer (Now with Videos!)

    Well, I was reading Art of Manliness today and they have a post about the Movember charity which raises money for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male depression. Basically you shave clean on November 1st and grow only a mustache until November 30th getting donations as you go, similar...
  19. Nesagwa

    We really do live in the future

    WcM0ruq28dc Now all they have to do is refine it further and find a way to bypass the damaged spinal cord, tapping directly into the brain so the person can actually control the device as if they were their legs.
  20. Nesagwa

    Sticky some stuff

    Sticky the Movie, Book, Comic book threads. I get tired of looking for them.