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  1. Chempop

    Nintendo Switch

    Crimzon Clover World Explosion was released today. Anyone else pick it up? I've been waiting for a console port of this for 9 years, I'm so psyched.
  2. Chempop

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I got a Switch too. Getting the setup ready for Crimzon Clover World Explosion 10/29
  3. Chempop

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got some jammacons for genesis and saturn.
  4. Chempop

    Toaplan Shooter Collection

    Vintage puffy stickers though :thevt:
  5. Chempop

    SOTM September Dimahoo / Great Mahou Daisakusen

    ////// SCORE BOARD ////// Note: Regions will be combined on one scoreboard. Format example: 1. Chosen One - 1,924,470 - 3 - Grimlen 2. egg_sanwich - 1,838,750 - 4 - Karte 3. NERDtendo - 737,960 - Stage 2 - Karte - KING OF AIR PCB 4. 5. Good luck and enjoy! ...etc... ....
  6. Chempop

    SotM Sept: Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Dodonpachi

    I made a little diagram showing where to line yourself up in relation to the best landmark on the boss so you can take out the rear cannons. I think it's about right :eye:
  7. Chempop

    SotM Sept: Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Dodonpachi

    Thank you all for voting, now it's time for some broken chains and cock-lasers! Score format: NAME - SCORE - AREA -SHIP/POWER - MAX HIT -VERSION example: madman - 5,318,008 - 1-3 - B/Laser - 69 - MAME PCB, MAME, SATURN, PS1 versions accepted, hell if you unlocked it in Instant Brain and play...
  8. Chempop

    Shmup of the month [SotM] SEPT voting thread

    WINGS OF WOR aka Gynoug (genesis/megadrive) Sonic Wings 3 aka Aero Fighters $30,000 (mvs/aes)
  9. Chempop

    What's that game/cover art? Win a free MVS cart!

    I had to respectfully abstain... ...for now :eek_2:
  10. Chempop

    What arcade stick do you own?

  11. Chempop


    I know, the 'tennis ball yellow' already exists but I'm still excited about these. I need matching buttons :vik:
  12. Chempop

    SOTM Februray 2016: Espgaluda II

    90mil over here, I should actually try to clear again. I think the clear bonus is +100mil. chempop - 92,574,510 - Stage 6 - Ageha - 360
  13. Chempop

    MS Paint - Neo Geo Game Edition Redux!!

    Nope. And I thought that one was easy, here is the next anyway:
  14. Chempop

    MS Paint - Neo Geo Game Edition Redux!!

    :buttrock: Should be super easy for those that know me:
  15. Chempop

    MS Paint - Neo Geo Game Edition Redux!!

    No. If you give up, here is an easy one.
  16. Chempop

    MS Paint - Neo Geo Game Edition Redux!!

    Pickles is getting warmer. Here is another equally cryptic one:
  17. Chempop

    SOTM SEPT ScoreBoard: Pulstar (mainstage) & Dimahoo (sideroom)

    I think we know the rules by now, default settings, yada yada. MAINSTAGE (please format scores as such) NAME - SCORE - STAGE 1. Kidpanda - 1,027,230 - All 2. Beelzebub - 687,540 - Stage 6 3. chempop - 520,040 - Stage 5 4. 1up - 265,630 - Stage 3 5. FOMO - 217,300 - Stage 2 6. lithy -...
  18. Chempop


    Hey hey, I haven't really participated in these in a while, but it痴 my honor to offer you the abiltiy to vote on which games to play for september. Hmmm... :scratch: <<<<ALL VOTES FOR GUWAGE WILL ACTUALLY COUNT TOWARDS MUCHI MUCHI PORK>>>> Pulstar Dimahoo