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  1. Ip Man

    Happy Birthday LoneSage

    HB LoneSahgei.
  2. Ip Man

    Can't get Mame to recogize my rom

    Have you tried shumping it? :LOL:. Good luck, dude. I didn't even know you could run Mame on real hardware, unless you're talking about those multi rom cabinets or what ever they're called.
  3. Ip Man

    Can't get Mame to recogize my rom

    Mame's pretty simple to run. Just watch a youtube video if you're having trouble.
  4. Ip Man

    Weekly Roundup

    I had to try Sekiro being a huge Tenchu fan and I have to say it's the worst best game ever made due to how difficult it was. If the difficulty was bearable it would shit on all stealth ninja games that came before it. I think I got through 10% of the game in four months. I'm not some one who is...
  5. Ip Man

    Weekly Roundup

    Was playing some Chrono Trigger, Super Castlevania 4 and Turtles in Time but went back to the Neo. Real Bout Special: Still finding new combos in this awesome classic. King of Fighters 94: Has some of my favourite back grounds in any fighter and I love the simplicity of 94/95. Metal Slug X...
  6. Ip Man

    I like to play the first World Heroes

    WH's is another series I want to go back and give another try. Did the same with Karnov's Revenge and now I love it.
  7. Ip Man

    Holy shit I missed you guys!

    Seeing a lot of old faces. Maybe the cut out was a good thing.
  8. Ip Man

    Favorite childhood action figures

    Although Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my favourite toy line as a child but I also loved the Terminator 2 figures
  9. Ip Man

    Happy Birthday Arcademan!

    Now it really is official!. happy belated birthday, dude.
  10. Ip Man

    The Broken Gear: A Final Fight film

    any one else seen this?. it's no street fighter assassins fist but i loved it. i think they captured the final fight vibe pretty well. the cast was perfect, especially cody.
  11. Ip Man

    Show Your Desktop 2018 Edition

    still the same
  12. Ip Man

    Happy Birthday BlackaneseNinja

    happy birthday BN :-J, hope you're having a good one.
  13. Ip Man

    What Fighting Games are you playing ATM?

    jack's always been a fat twat.
  14. Ip Man

    Happy Birthday MattBlah!

    i know it's a little late here in the uk, but hope you had a good one mate. happy birthday!:buttrock:.
  15. Ip Man

    Yakuza Studio announces Fist of the North Star game

    yes!. been my favourite character ever since i watched the legend of the dark king anime. completely removed him as the antagonist of the series and gave him more depth than ken. i can't think of many anti heroes like roah. such a bad ass.
  16. Ip Man

    KOF 98 emoji gifs on social media

    :lolz: cool.
  17. Ip Man

    Motorcycle riding... Thinking about getting into it

    there's too much attention on getting into an accident in this thread. the point is, do you want to ride or don't you. people die in car accidents every day. it's a risk you are taking every time you're on the road no matter what you're riding or driving. you can't let those thoughts stop you...