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    WTB: AES League Bowling (euro)

    Looking to buy the euro version of this game in good shape.
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    Nostalgia Critic: Star Wars Holiday Special I've been watching the NC videos for awhile but this one is on an entirely different level, probably his best by far if you ask me. Doubly funny if you've never seen the Star Wars special which is...
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    The biggest crock: Gamespot's "All Time Greatest Game Hero"

    Seriously, look at this garbage. I've been checking in out this every so often over the last few weeks and I've come to the scientific conclusion that this is bullshit. I know you see these kinds of dumb things on gamefaqs, but I don't think they are ever on this sort of scale. Why am I even...
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    'Tis the season.. Halloween movie recommendations

    I'm on a DVD kick again, and I need more old horror flicks. Well not necessarily "horror" but anything with a good halloween vibe. I already have a crapload, BUT I NEED MORE! So recommend me some. I realize in recent years there have been a ton of direct to video releases, almost all of these...
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    Poll time! SNK/Capcom crossover fighters

    The dust has settled and the question is: What is the best SNK/Capcom crossover fighting game? Vote! (leave your kiddie card games at the door, thx) SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium (1999) Widely considered the best handheld fighter to date upon release. 10 years later it is showing...
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    Pulstar audio comparison. OST vs. NGCD vs. AES/MVS

    Woo Pulstar. Who doesn't love them some Pulstar? I sure love me some Pulstar. Somewhat recently I was even able to purchase the Pulstar OST. I'm not real big on buying game OSTs, but in the case of Pulstar, between it having an excellent soundtrack and being one of my favorite shooters ever, it...
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    Vote for the Neo Geo games from 1990 that you can still enjoy!

    Choose as many as you like and answer honestly. We all know a few of these games were more of less DOA. The top 3 is probably about as set in concrete as it gets, but I'm still curious to see where the other games will rank. If you can still ENJOY it then vote for it, don't be shy. ;)
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    Duke Nukem Forever animator's reel leaked

    Check out the leaked animator's reel. It looks a hell of a lot better than I had expected. Not the best looking game ever made by any means, but definitely looks great to me. I just went from not giving a damn to HOPING this somehow gets finished, be it by 3D Realms or another capable...
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    The terrifying effects of sunfade

    We all (should) know it's not terribly uncommon for Japanese AES games to be sunfaded to some extent, but look what I spotted on eBay recently: It's Metal Slug 4, so it's not even really that old.. You can see patches of yellow where, presumably, price stickers were. It was almost as if it...
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    Games similar to Neo Drift Out?

    I've been playing this game a bit lately and now I'm interested in knowing if there are any similar gems that I may have missed over the years. I'm aware of several similar titles (mostly from before NDO). The most recent one that comes to mind is Racing Gears Advance (GBA), a good game in it's...
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    Retro Gamer Issue 62 - 8 page Metal Slug & 2 page Windjammers

    Just got the latest issue of Retro Gamer in the mail a short while ago. Issue #62 (Sega Mega Drive on the cover). It features "The Definitive Metal Slug" which spans 8 pages, as well as a shorter bit "The Classic Game Windjammers" which spans 2. Always nice to see the Neo Geo getting some love...
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    Anyone else get the eBay Bucks invite?

    LINK Anyone else here receive the invitation? I've went over the fine print, there doesn't seem to be any strings attached. Buy/win items and pay for with Paypal (which is 99.9% of auctions of ebay at this point) and get 2% back (maxes out at $500 or $200 on a single purchase) which is...
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    Where is the push to get known protos released and reproduced?

    I've been had the subject of Neo Geo protos brewing in my head for some months now.. The Neo Geo community (that includes this forum and the "others") seems unlike every other enthusiast community in that there doesn't seem to be ANY sort of real consorted effort to get known proto games dumped...
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    WTB: US AES Samurai Shodown 5

    Delete. Delete.
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    WTB: AES new style cases

    Anyone have extras of these? Looking to buy a couple to replace some damaged ones I have, must be in good condition.
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    How do you all feel about Metal Slug 6/7?

    We all know the greatness of Metal Slug 1/2/X/3. - MS4 was a major downgrade, very mugen-ish. - MS5 was a tremendous step in the right direction (compared to 4) with some great ideas but seemed a bit unfinished. Now we have Metal Slug 6 and Metal Slug 7. Personally I feel their only real...
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    WTB: US AES Matrimelee

    Looking to pick this up! Must be US version, complete, and minty. Send me a PM if interested.
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    The Great Neo Mystery: Neo Turf Masters / BTG CD 5th course; info & screens!

    Due to lack of any information concerning the NGCD exclusive 5th course (Scotland) I have decided to do a small 'write up'. This has everything you should need: information on unlocking the course, shots of all the holes for those who are interested in seeing them but do not have access to the...