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  1. AJtheMishima

    ZDTF's What's it worth thread.

    Need to sell some stuff to fund a CPS3 build since im getting back into Third Strike What is pricing looking these days for these? -Street Fighter Ex2 plus -Ehrgeiz -Tekken 3 -Tekken Tag 1 MVS -Kof 2000 -Samurai Shodown 2 -Karnovs Revenge -Karnovs Revenge -MVS 2 Slot w/Red Powdercoating
  2. AJtheMishima

    WTB: Kaze V3 Korean Lever

    Random as hell, especially on this forum. But I am in the search of one of these. Buddy gave me one as a gift acouple of months ago and i really like. Lucky me, IST has discontinued this lever. So if you happen to have an extra hmu
  3. AJtheMishima

    Does Rumble Fish 2 play correctly using Netboot on Naomi?

    So our friend lives in dallas and the freeplay out there has Rumble Fish 2. We want to start playing it here in houston and need to get the game. Its hard to find that game so i was thinking of buying a conversion cart for Naomi. Can anyone with a netboot setup confirm if RF2 runs correctly? I...
  4. AJtheMishima

    WTB: Naomi Cart Labels

    Anyone providing this service? Thanks
  5. AJtheMishima

    WTB: Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

    Hey guys, looking for a bootleg of this game. Thanks
  6. AJtheMishima

    WTB: Arcade/Game Posters (not looking for minty or pricey)

    Looking for some capcom/snk/etc fighting game posters to throw up on the wall i have my cabs set up against. They dont need to be in the best condition. And im not looking to spend alot. In decent shape is all i really looking for. I will hang the up with thumbnails no frames. Its that kind of...
  7. AJtheMishima

    Issues With Aero City Cab(Mostly Solved Acouple of questions)

    I picked up a AeroCity cab last night. It powers on but im not getting sound and some of the buttons and stick directions arent responding. I see alot of loose wires that look like they were twisted together instead of being soldered. Is there a manual for this in English? Or a diagram with...
  8. AJtheMishima

    Help No Sound On Street Fighter EX 2 Plus Board

    This is a great game and I have some friends that are waiting to play this game. Seller tested it and board was working fine when he shipped it. I get the board and test it on my JNX supergun, i get picture but no sound. I test it on my big red with jamma adapter, same thing picture but no...
  9. AJtheMishima

    WTB: Street Fighter EX 2 Plus Board

    Looking for a EX2 board to run afew tournies/casuals in Houston. Plus its a great game to add to my collection. Let me know if you have one. Thanks
  10. AJtheMishima

    WTB: Vewlix Etokki Omni Joystick

    Still looking for a Vewlix (rev1 - rev3?) Etokki Omni. Condition doesnt really matter too much. So let me know what you guys have. Im looking to buy but also could do a trade. Maybe one of these would interest you. -Madcatz MvC2 TE w/box. Great condition. -VSHG dual modded ps3/360 Before...
  11. AJtheMishima

    WTB: Super Famicom Console

    Wanted to see if anyone has a SFC they are looking to sell. Going to be playing some Sailor Moon , TMNT and acouple of other snes fighters at locals and wanted a SFC since my snes is almost on its way out. I dont require controllers. Just the power/av cables. Or if you have a working unit but...
  12. AJtheMishima

    WTB: (2) Etokki ps2 to 360 adapter and a Neo Geo "Kidney Bean" stick

    Hey guys, Also looking for a kidney bean stick for a local friend of mine that runs the local retro "poverty maniacs" tournament series. Looking for something in ok condition. Friend is going to mod it anyway. Let me know what you guys have. thanks
  13. AJtheMishima

    *SOLD FS: Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Stick (IL Stick/Happ Buttons)

    Making space in my closet for arcade hardware and this is one of the stick I never use, I dropped a IL Euro stick and 6 Happ buttons in it, played it for afew hours and then it went into my closet never to be played with again. I bought it from a friend awhile back ago. Its in pretty decent...
  14. AJtheMishima

    What arcade stick do you own?

    Finally finished a personal mod ive been holding off on due to life. Did a custom ls40 install on this bad boy. I had to mod the ls40 shaft and a jlf extender to get proper mounting height. Also had to drill original mounting plate and secure stick with longs screws. That was the hardest part of...
  15. AJtheMishima

    WTB: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

    Look to buy this game for SFC to mess around with at locals lol. Let me know if you have it. thanks
  16. AJtheMishima

    WTB: JNX SuperGun

    So in the market for a supergun, it'll be a B-Day gift to myself since its coming up Jan 8 (same as Elvis and Bowie lol). Right now I'm leaning towards a windy sg over a HAS since I don't want to deal with external psu. If anyone has a JNX sg they are looking to sell I'd be very interested...
  17. AJtheMishima

    Need PVM-14M2U back cover

    Hey guys, bought my first PVM and im loving it. My friend was able to score afew of these for his friends while he was out of town. This one has a broken back cover and id like to find a replacement if possible. While this one has a bad cover it had been recently recapped so it was a fair trade...
  18. AJtheMishima

    File Claim With USPS

    Wanted to see how many of you have filed a claim for damaged good with usps. Ordered CPS2 A/B combos and it got damaged during transport. Luckily it was insured by the seller. Just want to see how long i should expect to wait before i hear back from USPS.
  19. AJtheMishima

    FS: MVS Cart: KOF 00 $45 shipped

    Need to sell some games to buy Third Strike. All games have original boards and work without issue Paypal only add 4% for fees or gift -Kizuna Encounter - $80 shipped *SOLD* -Fatal Fury Special - $50 shipped *SOLD* -Mark of the wolves - $155 shipped *SOLD* -King of fighters 2000 - $45 shipped...
  20. AJtheMishima

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    MY black friday NeoSD came in!