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  1. N30_G30_speed

    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    Hannibal: awesome sociopath situations, lots of suspense, drama and creepy murders Vikings: great battles, interesting characters, less drama and backstabbing than game of thrones Better Call Saul: Louie: he does awesome stand up bits inside the episodes and they are extremely funny
  2. N30_G30_speed

    What was your favorite movie as a kid that wasn't a kid's movie?

    6 years old -> mother effin' JAWS
  3. N30_G30_speed

    Possible to fit an Aero inside an Astro?

    I have an aero that has a lot of cleaning, repainting and rust removing work to be done. Last week I heard someone was selling empty astro city cabs for $60 and I was wondering how difficult it might be to have everything moved to the new cab. Has anyone ever done this?:help:
  4. N30_G30_speed

    mod please delete

    sorry this was meant for "tech support"
  5. N30_G30_speed

    What arcade stick do you own?

    I just crossed over to Chile and got myself this along with a ps3, I'm enjoying KOFXIII in a whole new level
  6. N30_G30_speed

    Steam Summer Sale is Live

  7. N30_G30_speed

    Pacific Rim

    I'm getting my IMAX fancy tickets two weeks from now, no matter what
  8. N30_G30_speed

    Open source console gaming

    just found this :lolz:
  9. N30_G30_speed

    So I know I'm probably freaking out over nothing but... Big Al? you there?

    Has anyone heard something about Big Al during the last few days. I sent payment for a game last friday and he hasn't logged back in ever since. Do you guys know if something happened to him? :eek:
  10. N30_G30_speed

    Taking apart a cab (Aero City)

    I'm slowly cleaning and restoring this cab, so I thought which things I should be extra careful with when taking it apart completely, since its the best way to do a good job with it. I already replaced one stick with a sanwa and all the buttons as well :) Hints with the monitor specially are...
  11. N30_G30_speed

    Martial Masters PGM IGS

    I found this one a couple of days ago and bought it right away :) the game is not as common as it used to be and $80 shipped works like a charm for me.
  12. N30_G30_speed

    FT/FS: AES KOFs remaining pack with free MEMORY CARD

    FT/FS: AES KOF 2000, AOF3, KOF 98, KOF 2002, KOF96 for... Hi all, I'm getting rid of some games I'm not playing to get other games I do want to play :) Paypal accounts from Argentina can't receive "gift" payments so all prices need to have the "%4" added to them, sorry, not my call :( The...
  13. N30_G30_speed

    FT/FS:Pokemon Platinum & SoulSilver, DBZ2 SF

    So I have the following items and I need to trade them for other stuff and if its impossible then cash :( (I can't receive "gift" paypal payments, so all prices need to have the %4 fee added to them) DBZ 2: Butouden Super Famicom - box and blister, no manual - $15 Pokemon "Platinum" DS (JAP)...
  14. N30_G30_speed

    Aero City volume knob

    This video shows the process in detail and I think I can replicate it, but I'm having a hard time trying to find that exact potentiometer he's using since I'm not sure about that piece specific characteristics... has anyone ever tried this mod? thanks :)
  15. N30_G30_speed

    Aero City monitor wierd behaviour...

    So I'm kinda worried my "new" cab's monitor is acting a little bit crazy, sometimes while I'm playing the colors go really dark and sometimes they go "yellow-ish". Image goes "yellow" Image goes dark Also I've realized that when I'm playing the movements of the stick produce a little bit...
  16. N30_G30_speed

    WTT/WTB: AES, PGM, MVS, CPS2 for AES games...

    So I realized I have some games I bought and I'm not actually playing a lot so I figure I might as well trade them for some others I really want at the moment. The games I have are: AES JAP *Art of Fighting 3 - No manual (got it from Gargoyle7 a while ago :) ) *KOF 2000 - Complete (Ebay -...
  17. N30_G30_speed

    quick question about CPS2 capsules...

    What's the average weight for a CPS2 board with its corresponding motherboard?
  18. N30_G30_speed

    Failed attempt to put together a NEO-2-USB

    So I tried to make an adaptor by soldering from USB pcb contact points to their corresponding ends on a DB15 port in order to connect an AES Joystick. However, although inside "Control Panel\Joystick" most of the maping lights did turned on when pressing the AES joystick connected to the DB15...
  19. N30_G30_speed

    Ok Baby or Aerocity cabs

    So I've finally made up my mind and I'm getting a cab. The problem is most of the cabs around here are crap and are extremely expensive so I'll have to spend around $300-400usd to, at least, get a "decent" one. It has come to my attention that both "Aerocity" (sega) and "Ok Baby" (don't know...
  20. N30_G30_speed

    Gravity Falls game references

    Watching the show today found an episode FILLED with game references, most of them from Street Fighter, but some pacman, frogger, tron and classic beat'em up games references pop-up as well. The episode is called "Fight Fighters" (ep. 10) definitely worth watching. I'm starting to wonder if...