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  1. dark penguin


    Selling off all my PCBs etc. For anyone located in the Ottawa area, I'm willing to drop off items on weekends. I've been holding off shipping so far since Canada Post was on strike and is backlogged. I'd consider shipping some of the items if there was real interest. I realize that some of the...
  2. dark penguin

    CPS1 Suicide batteries...Mouser #?

    So, I just bought Astrodan's Captain Commando board and I'm going to swap the suicide battery. If I'm ordering from Mouser, can anyone tell me which brand of battery would be best to throw on there? Yea, they have a million different 2032 varieties. I think the original one on there is a...
  3. dark penguin

    Phantasy Star Portable demo out on PSN!

    Well, I logged on to the PS store hoping to find the Resistance Retribution demo, but this was a nice surprise. The store website just got updated over the last few hours as I was checking throughout the day. I'm downloading it now...can't wait!
  4. dark penguin

    Anyone still playing R-Type Command?

    This game seems to have really slipped under the radar in North America. Too bad...I just got it, and it's one of the best portable strategy games I've ever played. Beautiful environments, manageable difficulty(so far), and a ton of different ship types to use. Playing a re-imagined version...
  5. dark penguin

    As if Greyhound didn't have enough problems... Wow, that's a lot of bad PR in a very short amount of time. What does this make, 3 major incidents over the last few months?
  6. dark penguin

    Hotel Dusk reprint! About time.

    Hotel Dusk is now part of the Touch Generations(LOL?)sub label. OK, so the cover is pretty hideous. But $19.99? I missed it the first time around, so I'm definitely on board. The touch generations website doesn't show the new cover but I saw it in the store today and they added a bright orange...
  7. dark penguin

    Happ PSUs for a supergun?

    Well, I think I need a beefier PSU for my supergun. I have an Ault SC200 right now, but it does not supply -5v. MY SG has an 8 pin DIN connector. Size is not issue -- I don't care how big it is, and it will be in a very well ventilated area. Will this do the trick? I basically just want...
  8. dark penguin

    Funland in Toronto to article.

    Well, There's a topic @ shumps already, but seeing as how I just bumped that one with a link, I guess I'll do the same here. I'm sure all the Toronto members already know this arcade is closing, but the Star just did a nice retrospective: I'm in Toronto...
  9. dark penguin

    Region modded PCE/CD combo + games - All offers will be considered

    SOLD! ..sorry, I can't edit the thread title. Well, this thing is collecting dust here. I'd like to give someone a much better price than I paid for this small collection. -The term "complete" here denotes case, manual and game. I don't know if any of these games would have had spinecards...
  10. dark penguin

    Soft Drinks of the World Unite!

    So, we have the beer thread. I love beer. But I love import/exotic soft drinks as well. From Jamaican-style Ting, to San Pelligrino sodas...etc etc. Right now I've got some Grace Ginger Beer, which is essentially Ginger Ale on steroids. My wife won't drink it because she thinks it's got too...
  11. dark penguin

    Artoffighting = top notch seller, all around good guy.

    Like the title says. I've had a couple deals go through very nicely with him. He's happy to discuss his games and just shoot the shit in general. I keep going back to his sales thread at, because he's got some great PCBs at very fair prices. Anyone looking for PCBs should take a look...
  12. dark penguin

    Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection

    Well, this one really crept under the radar for me. I'm not the hugest MGS fan, although I do find the series pretty enjoyable. I bring this up mostly because this the best MSRP value I've seen on any game in a LONG time. I mean...three excellent games in slick new packaging for $29.99(?!)...
  13. dark penguin

    Retro Games Sale...SNES LOT...

    NES LOT *SOLD* SNES All of these carts are to be considered gamer's condition. They all work and play just fine, but have a bit of cosmetic wear and tear. A couple have marker on the cart casing, which will be noted below. I would like to sell these as a lot, and I'll be able to give you the...
  14. dark penguin

    Speed Racer movie

    Ha, this looks so cheesy/campy/corny...but I love the trailer. Love the art direction and style in general. Sure, it's mostly CGI...but I'm definitely going to see this. Can't believe some of the semi-big names that agreed to be in this. Coming out in May, but the trailer is up for DL now...
  15. dark penguin

    The Star Soldier R Thread! (now with trailer).

    Wii Ware? Looks like it's coming out in Japan soon, as some sort of downloadable content? Anyone know if we'll ever see this over in North America?
  16. dark penguin

    GB Micro fire sale...Canada only. Well...for those of you that want a GBA at a killer price, futureshop is liquidating their remaining micro units. This isn't really news, as Zeller's and some other places had similar sales...
  17. dark penguin

    Have 4-slot big red...WTT for a smaller cab!!

    This is mainly for residents of Ontario/Quebec, but any offer will be considered. I'm located in Pembroke, Ontario...near the Quebec border. Well, here's the deal. My wife and I are buying a new house and we found the perfect place except for one problem. The basement ceiling is a couple inches...
  18. dark penguin

    Sega CD ...what a beast.

    Today I found a near mint Sega CD2 + Genesis 1 setup at a local Value Village. It has barely any marks on it...I was pretty surprised. The only thing wrong at all was a bit of dust. It came with 2 barely used controllers as well. I mean, for the whole package there were maybe one or two little...
  19. dark penguin

    PSP games for sale or trade..includes Lumines!

    OK, I have a few PSP games I want to move. All are excellent to near mint condition, and most discs were used only once or twice. Includes cases and manuals, all in tip top shape as well. Prices include standard airmail shipping within North America. If you're in Ontario and the shipping ends up...
  20. dark penguin

    DS: best selling "system" ever?

    Everyone owned a GBA or two, looks like this generation will be very similar. As far as this think-tank is concerned, now portables are being seen as real competitors to actual full-fledged consoles. How accurate do you think this is? I know my PSP always got way more playtime than my ps2, but...