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  1. mesmer

    SOLD: Sony BVM-A20F1U 20" multisync Seattle, WA area

    SOLD I'm selling my Sony BVM-A20F1U. Local pickup only in the Seattle, WA area. $750 This is a 20" multiformat / multisync BVM. It natively scans 240p/480i/480p/720p/1080i lagless. It will display 240p/480i/480p in either 4:3 or 16:9. 720p/1080i is 16:9 only. It has both bezels. It will take...
  2. mesmer

    SOLD: Blast City; pickup in Austin, TX $700

    SOLD! Thanks Link to Pictures If photobucket doesn't let you zoom, you can download them to see the full resolution. The issue with this Blast is screen burn. See here for pictures that exaggerate the burn. For 15khz games, it is only visible on all white screens, not a problem otherwise. For...
  3. mesmer

    FOUND WTB: MVS 1-slot

    FOUND!!! Interested in: MV-1A MV-1FZ Too Big, don't want: MV-1 MV-1F Only with japanese bios: MV-1B MB-1C Don't know about AX/FS/T ? If it is smaller than the MV-1 and either has japanese bios or DIP (not surface mount), I'm interested. Any cheap ones out there? $50 shipped?? US zip: 78660...
  4. mesmer

    Alternative for AMP UP connectors

    Has anyone found a commonly available alternative for the 10 pin AMP UP connector for the kick wiring under the cp on sega cabs? Maybe some kind of molex you can pick up at RaidoShack or Frys that you can modify / file / shave somehow?